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'Beyond Beyond' takes rabbits to the Feather King's realm

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'Beyond Beyond' poster It looks like 2014 is not only the year for animated features, it is the year for animated features featuring anthropomorphic animals – and fruits – and rolls of toilet paper.

Here is the 1’32” trailer for the Swedish 79-minute Resan Till Fjäderkungens Rike, or Beyond Beyond, directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen, released March 21 in Sweden, and expected to screen at international animation festivals throughout the year.

Judging by the publicity so far, this is a strong contender to become the Ernest et Célestine of 2014. It’s got seagoing and circus-performing rabbits, and a giant furry bird, and a frog sea-captain, and… trolls? And what are those little blue things? Anyway, it looks like a feature that furry fans will love.

Johan, a rabbit boy, goes on a journey to a magical world. Here he meets the Feather King; Bill, the mad architect; a tough skipper; and all the spring princes. But the Feather King’s realm is not for small rabbits. Johan will need all the help he can get from his new friends to return to his Dad and his own world.

The feature was produced in Stockholm and in Copenhagen, by CB Sverige AB and Copenhagen Bombay Rights 1 ApS. It was co-produced with Film i Väst AB and Noble Entertainment AB.


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From the same director as The Great Bear:

What he said about Resan Till Fjäderkungens Rike:

You can do much crazier things in animation than in live action, and that gives you a lot of freedom in your storytelling. But above all, the story has to be touching. And the film’s target audience, 6-9-year-olds, have to feel safe in the protagonist’s company. He may be just a little rabbit, but he has the tenacity to get things done. Nothing fazes him. Holding him by the hand, you’re not afraid to enter an unknown world populated by strange, crazy creatures.

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A movie about a gryphon and a rabbit..... hmmmmmmmmmmm

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The Feather King looks intriguing, but you have to really stretch to see him as a gryphon.

Fred Patten

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Do have to have my fun now and then. :)

Toast The Rabbit
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