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2013 Cóyotl Award nominees announced and open for voting

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The Furry Writers Guild’s annual Cóyotl Awards are now open for voting by all members of the guild in good standing. The Cóyotl Awards were founded in 2012 to recognize excellence in anthropomorphic literature and promote quality writing within the furry fandom.

Voting will last until August 31, and winners will be announced at this year’s Rainfurrest.

The nominees are:

Short Story

For works less than 10,000 words.

  1. ”The Claw in Her Heart” by Renee Carter Hall
  2. ”Hellhound” by Renee Carter Hall
  3. ”Fox in the Hen House” by Mary E. Lowd
  4. ”Son of Blood Moon” by Bill Rodgers”


For works between 10,000 and 50,000 words.

  1. ”A Monster and a Gentleman” by Lady Chastity Chatterley
  2. ”The Moment at Eternity” by Dark End
  3. ”Mirror, Signal, Maneuver” by Huskyteer
  4. ”Pile” by Kandrel (Flayrah review)
  5. ”Indigo Rain” by Watts Martin” (Flayrah review)


For works more than 50,000 words.

  1. God of Clay by Ryan Campbell
  2. Summerhill by Kevin Frane (Flayrah review)
  3. Evolutionary Action by Phil Geusz (Flayrah review)
  4. Divisions by Kyell Gold (Flayrah review)
  5. Otters in Space 2: Jupiter Deadly by Mary E. Lowd (Flayrah review)


Containing works of any length from three or more different authors in a single volume.

  1. Heat #10 edited by Alopex
  2. Hot Dish #1 edited by Alopex (Flayrah review and video review)
  3. What Happens Next edited by Fred Patten (Flayrah review)
  4. Mouseguard: Legends of the Guard #2 edited by David Petersen
  5. Trick or Treat #1 edited by Ianus J. Wolf


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"Mirror, Signal, Maneuver", "The Moment at Eternity", and "A Monster and a Gentleman" are all included in the anthology "Hot Dish" #1, of which there are two reviews on Flayrah.

"Hellhound" is in the anthology "Trick or Treat" #1, and "Fox in the Hen House" is in the anthology "Dancing in the Moonlight", both of which there are reviews of in the queue to be published on Flayrah soon.

Fred Patten

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