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Furry authors' picks: the 2012 Cóyotl Award winners

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Cóyotl Award logoIf you read Flayrah, you've heard plenty about the Ursa Majors. You might have missed our coverage of the Cóyotl Awards, though.

A few months ago, they published their first annual list of nominees, and the winners were announced at this month's RainFurrest. Only members of the Furry Writer's Guild can participate, so the picks below give a good idea of what furry authors think is worth reading.

General Short Story

General Novella

General Novel

Mature Short Story

Mature Novella

Mature Novel

Each member could nominate works they were uninvolved with to a five-member council, rating them on plot, character, setting and literary merit; the four works with the highest weighted average in each category (plus ties) were then voted on by guild members to determine a winner.


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I can only imagine a Republican picking up Fox News and going. "Oh cool a non-fiction..." *Reads* "WTF is this???"

But on that note I look forward to winning next year (arrogance!!)

I mean... I look forward to getting my butt humbly put in my place next year by these fine authors (that's better)

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I'm pleased that even in this first year there were enough nominations to fill the ballot for three of the six categories (with a tie in General Short Story). Hopefully we'll see all six full next year!

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Just a note that if anyone has suggestions of works published in 2012 that guild members should take a look at for Cóyotl consideration (either one's own work or someone else's), recommendations can be made in this thread in the Furry Writers' Guild forums (forum registration required, of course):

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The ALAA's annual Recommended Anthropomorphic Reading List can be used by the Furry Writer's Guild members for Cóyotl Award recommendations, as well.

Fred Patten

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Yes, that's one of the resources we used as a starting place for 2012, in addition to member recommendations, publishers' announcements, etc.

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Link seems to be having issues. If it doesn't work, just go here:

And the thread is a sticky in the "General writing discussion" forum.

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The links don't seem to be working anymore for whatever reason. Not really sure why. I need to just bite the bullet and move forward with the transition when I get spots of free time even if it takes me quite awhile to get things together. I'll lose pretty much all the data, so I'll have to figure out some way to make an archive.

As for the Coyotl's, I'm very happy with how they turned out, especially with it only being the first year. Kristina Tracer did a great job.

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Oddly, though, after clicking on the link, if you then click to place the cursor in your browser window's URL, and hit enter, the page loads just fine.

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