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Further Confusion 2002 Update!

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Online pre-registration for Further Confusion has now ended. Thanks to all of you who took
advantage of it!

We will continue to accept mailed-in registrations through Friday, January 4th.

Hotel Rooms

Time is running out to reserve your room for FC2002. We have sold out
of suites, but we still have rooms available for every night of the
convention. We've worked a deal with our hotel -- Parking onsite is FREE
for all hotel guests. With all our dances and other late-night events,
the best way to experience the con is to be onsite from beginning to
end! As always, if you have any problems with your reservation, be sure
to get the agent's name, number and location and send that information
-- we will try and assist you in completing
your reservation.

New Newsletter Available

Our 2nd newsletter is now available on our

! Stop on over and
check it out! It has all the latest information on programming, as well
as hours for our art show, registration and lounges.

ID Policy

We've had several questions recently regarding our policy on asking
for identification at registration. We ask all members for a valid photo
ID at the time they receive their badge. If they do not show
identification, or if their identification shows them to be under 18,
then their badge is marked as UNVERIFIED, which denies them admittance
to certain events and function space.


Further Confusion


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