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Sydney brushfires threaten pets, wildelife alike

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Though the Sydney fires have not killed a person yet, thank heavens, many pet owners and wildlife people alike have been worried about the animal toll. In the evacuations, cats, dogs and other animals have often had to be left behind, especially when an 'outdoor' pet could not be found. Possums, wallabies and other slow moving urban wildlife are being rescued by various animal groups. The RSPCA is also working to provide food and water to displaced pets.

Links to key numbers (Wires, RSPCA) as well as bushfire news can be found at Animalworld Australia.

A example of a rescued possum is here.Warning, upsetting link


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Apparently Yahoo changed the picture designation for the link. It now leads to butter sculptures, which is even more disterbing

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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And now it's a crowned bearded guy throwing candy at the camera. Heh. I should bookmark random pages there to see what I get. =)

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