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Video: 'One Minute Melee: Lucario vs. Renamon'

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In response to the ultimate fanboy question, "who would win in a fight?" the web-series Death Battle from website Screw Attack decided to finally answer the question with actual "research" about the abilities of various fictional combatants, complete with sprite animations of the fights. Then, because research, even fictional research, is hard, the spin-off series One Minute Melee was started, which is a quick and dirty, no explanations, this-is-how-we-want-it-to-go-down version.

The latest episode features anthropomorphic canine Mons (of both the Poké- and Digi- varieties) Lucario and Renamon.

Furry characters appeared as fighters in various previous Death Battles, including a Ninja Turtle battle royale, the last turtle standing versus Zitz of Battletoads, Yoshi of the Mario games vs. Riptor of Killer Instinct, catgirls battle Felicia of Darkstalkers vs. Taokaka of Blazblue, Shadow the hedgehog vs. Vegeta of DragonBall Z, Sonic the hedgehog vs. Nintendo's Mario, MLP:FiM's Rainbow Dash vs. Transformer StarScream, Pokémon Pikachu vs. Street Fighter's Blanka, ThunderCats' Lion-O vs. Masters of the Universe's He-Man, Star Fox's Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare, Super Mario Bros.' Luigi vs. Sonic the Hedgehog's Tails and a Pokémon battle royale between the final evolutions of the Kanto starters. One Minute Melee's featuring furry characters include Super Mario Bros.' Bowser vs. Sonic the Hedgehog's Dr. Eggman and Pokémon Mewtwo vs. DragonBall Z's Frieza.

What other furry match-ups could happen in the future? Krystal vs. Master Tigress? Po vs. Skunk? Master Shifu vs. Master Splinter? Rocket Raccoon vs. whoever won that Fox/Bucky fight? A fight that doesn't involve Kung Fu Panda or Star Fox? Sabrina vs. Zig Zag?


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No spoilers, but I don't think fans of either character and/or series can complain about this fight's ending.

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Yeah, it's the lame ending. Plus Lucario is real, Renamon is data. Just turn off the PC and she's dead.

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I guess you can say fans of drama can complain about this fight's ending, though.

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It's a lot shorter than Death Battle, but it still took one minute and twenty-three seconds to get to the start of the one minute. (Plus, Lucario totally went for a swipe at 0:51.)

I did chuckle a little at the billing of Tails as "Sonic's deformed flying stalker". And it's very educational!

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Now that is some perfect **** right there.

And I'm sure at least a few viewers started shipping them.

Well, I'll be...

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The latest video in the main Death Battle series has revealed that it will be Lucario vs. Renamon, I guess round two (apparently One Minute Melee and Death Battle parted ways at some point, and are now unaffiliated).

Anyway, stayed tuned to Flayrah for all the latest on your hot, hot jackal on fox mon action!

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