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Newsbytes archive for May 2015

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu and Patch Packrat.

crossaffliction: I want to see this album chart. Maybe even especially if it's terrible.

InkyCrow: Watch Courtney Barnett's gory new music video for "Dead Fox".

InkyCrow: Ernest & Celestine director's next animated project is The Big Bad Fox.

Patch Packrat: Arrest at BLFC - talk on groups mentions a shooting threat, from same source local to me that caused headlines about the FBI looking into a threat to Anthrocon 2014. I might do an article if people want to say anything public.

dronon: Vice does an article about Fur-Eh.

crossaffliction: Mad Max: Fury Road: The movie so good, you'll be forced to Google furry porn in order to have something to say in your movie review show.

GreenReaper: Would you want a teddy bear that really listens to you?

crossaffliction: I bet Bowser did it: Nintendo's newest game victim of bizarre heist in UK.

crossaffliction: Like father, like daughter: Karai follows Shredder in being recast for TMNT sequel.

dronon: Animated short: "The Casebook of Nips & Porkington".

mwalimu: Furries are not alone in being misunderstood and maligned. Scotland Yard kept dossiers on Trekkies and other fandoms amid fears that fans would go mad and turn against society.

crossaffliction: A first look at TMNT 2's Rocksteady and Bebop. Pre-furry mutation, unfortunately.

GreenReaper: Power outage at Linode's Fremont facility takes down Tapestries, FurryMUCK and SpinDizzy.

GreenReaper: However, Sociopolitical Ramifications remains online!

Patch Packrat: Recently at Dogpatch Press: High traffic for anniversary of the New Jersey FurBQ hoax, mask/hood bans, BLFC threat, furry porn on PBS and in mainstream art shows. Several Newsdumps. Fred Patten's French anthro features, history of Camp Feral!, reviews of Who Whacked Roger Rabbit and Sonious' book plus 10 more.



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