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Newsbytes archive for July 2015

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, Equivamp, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat, mwalimu, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

crossaffliction: Trying my hand at video editing. All Best Animated Feature nominees.

crossaffliction: It's not Guardians of the Galaxy 2; it's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

dronon: A 2014 documentary film of possible interest to puppeteers and fursuiters: I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story.

dronon: The creator of The Raccoons animated cartoon is considering a reboot.

Patch Packrat: Furry fan struggling for life after Taiwan explosion that injured 500. (Update)

Sonious: Fireworks company steals Midwest Furfest art for use as product promotion.

GreenReaper: Graphic novel Threadworlds to show furry girl becoming scientific superhero, by Bryan Konietzko (Avatar: TLA/Legend of Kora). [Adam]

dronon: Brian Henson's puppet murder movie is once again in the works.

RingtailedFox: Either a hilarious Darwin Award, or a suicidal zoophile ... YOU be the judge!

InkyCrow: Empathy vs. sympathy explained with anthros in this touching and hilarious animated short.

crossaffliction: Google created an AI that sees the world ... horrifically furry.

crossaffliction: MLP:FiM season 6 is coming this year. [EqD]

dronon: The anime series Ushio and Tora is back!

crossaffliction: Correction: Apparently, MLP season six is actually season 5 1/2.

GreenReaper: UK football fan convicted of assault with inflatable shark.

crossaffliction: The surprisingly James Bond-ian world of PETA vs. SeaWorld.

dronon: Here's a trailer for the CGI film Rock Dog.

RingtailedFox: Jakks Pacific announces 'World of Nintendo' line of 4-inch (10 cm) action figures, including FOX MCCLOUD!

RingtailedFox: CBLT-DT Toronto: Man dressed as rodent in Barrie, Ontario robbery makes world headlines.

InkyCrow: New documentary short on the genius of Looney Tunes artist Chuck Jones.

crossaffliction: Surf contest ends abruptly with a shark attack caught live on camera.

crossaffliction: BBC's best American movies contained one animated movie. But I can't complaint about the one chosen.

RingtailedFox: Hugging pound puppies get stay of execution, find their forever home together!

GreenReaper: Four-legged snake fossil strengthens argument for their initial evolution on land.

Equivamp: "Fur Trade: When a Niche Community Goes Corporate"

RingtailedFox: SWAT Kats creators aim to reboot their classic 1990s furry series, thanks to Kickstarter!

mwalimu: Foxtail - classic point and click adventure game seeks supporters via an Indiegogo campaign.

dronon: After being rediscovered, there's a new Dr. Seuss book coming out soon, What pet should I get?

crossaffliction: Bugs Bunny is 75 today.

crossaffliction: r/furry poster RamblingMutt looks at just how much porn furries actually make.

dronon: In the realm of French comics: Roi ours (Bear King), and Ocelot.

dronon: Donnie Dunagan is a highly decorated, 25-year marine veteran who served in Vietnam ... and was the voice of Bambi.



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