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'Furry Fandom Conventions' still needs information

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Fred Patten says:

My book on furry fandom conventions throughout the world, from the first in January 1989 through the end of 2015, was supposed to be sent to the publisher, McFarland, on March 1st (about 280 manuscript pages). Instead McFarland has given me an extension to try to get information about some conventions that have a lot of question marks because their committees are not answering my requests for information. The questions are things like “Who was Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend 2015’s guest of honor?”, and “Who were Arizona Fur Con 2015’s conbook cover artist and T-shirt artist?”

Since questions to these conventions’ website “contact us” addresses are being ignored, does anyone have the e-mail addresses of any individual staffers for these conventions? On details like the name of Arizona Fur Con 2015’s convention book cover artist, AFC 2015 had 725 attendees. Does anyone have its convention book, and is there a cover artist credit in it?

Following is a list of the conventions not replying. The e-mail addresses of any of their individual staffers will be appreciated. Or if anyone knows any of their individual staffers, just tell them that I am trying (unsuccessfully so far) to contact them.

Arizona Fur Con, Central Plains Fur Con, Central Plains Fur Meet, Condition, FA: United, Fur Reality, Fur the 'More, Fur-Eh!, FurIdaho, Furlaxion, Furloween, Furpocalypse, Furry Connection North, Furry Weekend Atlanta, F3 Convention, IndyFurCon, Mephit FurMeet, Motor City Fur Con, Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend, Rocket City Fur Meet, Rocky, Mountain Fur Con, Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend, Wild Nights

I will be glad to answer questions and send what I have to anyone who wants to help fill in the gaps. My e-mail is


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You're a little late to the party, dude. This posting is nearly 7 years old, and Fred Patten passed away in November of 2018.

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