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Scotland bans the foxhunt

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Scotland has taken a bold step in banning foxhunting, the popular, 'traditional' bloodsport. The first part of the UK to pass such a ban, it is nothing if not controversial, pitting animal lovers with supporters of rural sport.
The law bans hunting with dogs, but allows for the shooting of foxes for pest control, and in an odd loophole, the killing of foxes by birds of prey, like trained falcons. It also bans hare coursing, where a hare is chased down by a dog who is theoretically supposed to NOT catch it.


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Three cheers for the foxes!

For one, I've never liked that sport, it's in no way like the wild, which is how foxes should be allowed to live, not hunted for sport.

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I have long since believed this to be the fairest and wisest course of action. Hunting with dogs in unnatural and unfair to the fox. Hunting with a gun alone gives the poor fox a chance, and is less cruel. Good move, Scotland!

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