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The Tao of the Coca-Cola Polar Bears

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From The Independant:

Polar bears get away with a lot because they're so nicely dressed. Apparently they're every bit as grumpy as grizzlies. You wouldn't want to leave your children near them because they'd probably be eaten in seconds.

But polar bears are good in commercials, so their private life has been hushed up by the studio publicity machine. In advertising, bears are winsome and funny. In the Coca-Cola commercial – the latest in a campaign that's been running for several years now, on and off – the polar bears are great family people too. These bears – Mum, Dad and three cubs – live in a spacey blue-white right world, like the moon with added snow, round a pool with pixilated currents. The computer animation is so sophisticated that their white fur ripples and shines convincingly. You can see every hair, just as if they'd been using an expensive Victorian hair oil.

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All the original article said was that the computer generated bears lived in an unrealistic world where Soda stays liquid in the arctic. It didn't say much of anything else, especially about real polar bears. The newspaper article goes into my "Yeah, and your point is?" pile.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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The full article reads as though the writer was working on a long essay, then when it came to be edited for the newspaper, the editor just truncated it massively.

If there was a point to this article, it went over my head. :XP


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