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Newsbytes archive for February 2017

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Contributors this month include Acton, Ahmar Wolf, dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Kakurady, and RingtailedFox.

Fred: Doctors operate to install pacemaker into ferret.

Acton: Prosecutors: Boy sexually abused at "furry parties" by "network" of men

GreenReaper: Python lubed, removed from earlobe.

GreenReaper: BBC investigation exposes West African chimp smugglers.

GreenReaper: "Furry supremacists" and the alt-right: ironic joke, or new world order?

InkyCrow: A director is announced for The Secret of NIMH film remake

dronon: Digital street art in Orlando.

dronon: Criminal forensic ornithology.

Ahmar Wolf: It seems DC Comics is taking old Hanna Barbara cartoon characters and giving them a modern take. What they did to the Banana Splits has to be seen

dronon: Monkey King driving bus stopped at police checkpoint.

Kakurady: "'Zootopia' is probably going to win an Oscar", writes @WaltHickey for @FiveThirtyEight.

Kakurady: Furries are tweeting about #FurryBlackHistoryMonth, shining light on the oft-unseen people behind the characters.

GreenReaper: Notorious "whale trap" at northern tip of New Zealand's South Island claims hundreds more lives.

Fred: Cougar eats pet poodle in Glendale.

GreenReaper: After brief respite, hundreds more whales pile onto New Zealand beach.

GreenReaper: Get a rolling head-start on Valentine's Day with a love-sick pangolin.

GreenReaper: Forget the pigs... scientists are also working on rat-mouse chimeras. Two great rodents, better together!

GreenReaper: Meet Aggressive Retsuko, the angry red panda who's taking Japan by storm... or so Hello Kitty's Sanrio hope!

GreenReaper: In the 'new character features' area, how about giant tear-off scales - Gecko-Lay?

Kakurady: The novel series His Dark Materials is getting a new trilogy. (via @io9)

RingtailedFox: Airplane bound for Mississippi collides with deer in Charlotte, NC, no word on the deer's condition, but all on board were unharmed. (Courtesy: CBS News)

Fred: Lions of Los Angeles.

GreenReaper: "Sea" of day-old chicks dumped in Lincolnshire field.

Ahmar Wolf: sadly shut down today. (Links to submitter's website.)

dronon: Kedi is a documentary film about the street cats of Istanbul.

Fred: The SFF Equine: a horse is not a motorcycle or a dog.

GreenReaper: Facial tracking developed for Madagascan lemurs; researchers propose use on red pandas, raccoons, sloths.

Equivamp: All SoFurry users active during the Cloudflare security leak will be forced to change their passwords.

GreenReaper: With blockbuster titles Warcraft and Trolls deemed out of the running, is 2017 Frogger's year to shine?

dronon: The woolly flying squirrel of Pakistan.

Acton: Disney's Zootopia wins Oscar for best animated film

dronon: Classes in small animal taxidermy.

dronon: Tails may be useful for robots to communicate with humans.



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