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Feral! 2002: Ginger & Falstaff, Uncle Kage and other good things

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Mundane world got you down? Go Wild at Feral! 2002.

Feral! is proud to announce that our Guest of Honour this year is Jessica (Ginger) Willard! The creator of the lovable Falstaff will be teaching two drawing classes, so if you've ever wanted to get advice from Ginger, now's your chance!

Last year we convinced Uncle Kage, everybody's favourite storyteller, to come to Feral! This year, we can't keep him away! You've never heard Uncle Kage's Story Hour until you've heard it around a roaring campfire under a clear Canadian night sky.

Are you a Feral! virgin? (Hey, you know what we mean.. quit that.) Well, Feral! isn't just about camping, it's also about learning! Besides a host of indoor and outdoor activities, we also workshops teaching drawing, painting, writing, sewing and fursuit construction. Check out our workshop schedule and see what you like.

Registration for Feral! 2002 is open: come sign up at

This Summer, come to Feral! and Go Wild!


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