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Newsbytes archive for June 2017

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu, and Sonious.

Fred: Hedgehogs dumped into trash can.

Fred: Tiger kills keeper at English zoo.

Fred: Rhesus monkeys recognize faces.

Fred: What can orcas teach about menopause?

mwalimu: Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro" to get a theme park of its own in Japan

dronon: Samurai armor for pets.

Fred: The 24 deadliest animals on Earth.

2cross2affliction: This blog has reviewed every [Academy Awards] Best Picture nominee ever; now it's animation's turn, up to Wallace & Gromit's 2005.

dronon: Peter Sallis, the voice actor for Wallice, has passed away.

InkyCrow: Delightful new animated short featuring a moon-eating booby

GreenReaper: Busby trailer teases return of Woolies.

Sonious: BLFC covered by local press.

Sonious: Attendee of BLFC had fursuit head stolen in San Francisco area, offering reward for return.

dronon: Paw socks.

dronon: Barney the Dinosaur speaks.

Fred: Bald eagles adopt baby red-tailed hawk.

Fred: Everybody likes goats for farming.

Equivamp: St. Paul, Minn. police screen Zootopia as equity training exercise. (ht: Patch Packrat)

Fred: Mother bear, cubs take over Dracula's castle.

Fred: Winchester zoo macaques escape.

dronon: We R Animals - R-rated puppet Kickstarter (closes June 15)

Fred: Hedgehogs swell up to become live balloons.

Fred: When 20,000 bees swarm into your car.

2cross2affliction: For sale: Log cabin outside, ultimate cat house inside.

Fred: Scooby Snacks? I like Friskies.

Fred: How cats conquered the world.

Fred: More about those bears in Dracula's castle.

Fred: Still more about those bears in Dracula's castle.

dronon: Orca gangs target fishing boats.

GreenReaper: Motherboard highlights furry recruiting at ConFurence 7 (original source).

Fred: Lots of pizza rats (not all live) and a squirrel.

GreenReaper: Chuck E. Cheese keyboardist Mr. Munch ditches band to pursue experimental prog-rock soundscapes.

2cross2affliction: My Little Pony trailer coming soon according to trailer tracking site. Also, there is apparently a trailer tracking site.

Fred: Good news for otters.

dronon: Coming soon from Rooster Teeth: Unconventional.

2cross2affliction: A dying giant squid is filmed wrapping its tentacles around a paddleboard.

Sonious: Star Fox 2 to (finally) be released for the on the SNES Classic Edition.

2cross2affliction: Cracked reporter visits furry convention, only suffers moderate injury.

2cross2affliction: Judge throws out lawsuit claiming Zootopia stolen from Total Recall screenwriter.

2cross2affliction: Your move, case against Inside Out.

2cross2affliction: In the same vein, the failed Kung Fu Panda copyright scheme involving a Lion King coloring book.

Fred: Why are Indian women wearing cow masks?

Fred: Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond dies.

Fred: The world's weirdest bird beaks.

Fred: The bird with the killer blue beak.

Fred: The curse of Winnie-the-Pooh.

dronon: What happens to wolves when they're raised like dogs?

2cross2affliction: There goes the record; Kung Fu Panda 2 soon to be passed as highest grossing solo woman directed film.

Equivamp: Dronon, your article states that dogs and wolves are "two very different species", but domestic dogs are in fact a subspecies of the grey wolf.

Sonious: If you are a foreign fur volunteering at an American Convention, keep it under your hat

Fred: Canadian crow stops mail deliveries.

Equivamp: First official trailer for the My Little Pony movie.

Fred: Volvo's driverless cars confused by kangaroos.

Sonious: Those approaching Anthrocon by vehicle from the north are advised that 279 is undergoing major construction.

2cross2affliction: Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences invites include many furry movie alumni; writer Jared Bush of Zootopia most recognizable.

Fred: Wild ducks eat other birds in Romania = VAMPIRES!

dronon: A short article in time for Anthrocon: How to treat a furry in public.

dronon: Hard rock cover of the main song from Rock Dog - in Russian.



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