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GKIDS to release 'The Big Bad Fox' in America

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GKIDS, an American distributor of foreign animated films, has gained release rights for The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales. The film is co-directed by Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert, based on a graphic novel created by Renner. The movie does not yet have an English language trailer, but a French trailer with English subtitles has been released.

The movie tells three different connected stories; the titular story features a fox who tries to raise chickens in order to eat them, while other stories include a rabbit trying to deliver a baby, stork-style, and various animals playing Santa Clause. GKIDS has traditionally created an English language version of the movies they distribute, though no announcements of possible English voice actors have been made (or even planned at this early stage).

GKIDS has been very successful at the Oscars in the category of Best Animated Feature; since 2009, when they gained their first nomination (for The Secret of Kells), the distributor has earned 10 additional nominations. These 11 nominations outnumber even Pixar's 10 total since the category began. However, no GKIDS movie has yet won the category, or gained a nomination outside Best Animated Feature. Big Bad Fox director Benjamin has himself been nominated for the category, for the movie Ernest & Celestine; with this pedigree, as well as positive reviews coming from animation festivals, the movie is now a front-runner to be a nominee for the 2018 Oscars Best Animated Feature category.


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Looks cute. Albeit a little generic but still creative none the less.

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