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Newsbytes archive for September 2017

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, aquariusotter, dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Kakurady, RingtailedFox, and Summercat.

dronon: The essentials of animal drawing, with Aaron Blaise.

GreenReaper: Forbes pegs Anthrocon as cause of 87% Airbnb demand spike.

Fred: New cougar kittens in Santa Monica Mountains around L.A.

Fred: "Zombie" coyotes infest Los Angeles.

Fred: 5-year-old finds python in family toilet in U.K.

Fred: Alligators go home after Hurricane Harvey.

Kakurady: On Twitter: Pro fursuit makers share their first suits - "never give up!"

GreenReaper: Spare a thought for that Swedish journalist on the submarine: she wrote about furries, too.

2cross2affliction: Peppa Pig: "Spiders can't hurt you." Australia: "You wanna check that, Peppa?"

Equivamp: "Army soldier lives double life as furry character" featuring @Marks_Barks

GreenReaper: Connecticut councillor resigns after SoFurry preferences expose.

GreenReaper: French rat pack swarms, mutilates 14-year-old paraplegic girl.

Fred: Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon. 80 surfing dogs.

GreenReaper: Sneezeocracy, wild dog style. [tip: @Retro_Wereotter]

GreenReaper: Sooty, Sweep and Sue to star in multi-million movie makeover, claims puppet handler Cadell.

Summercat: After nearly 18 years, the Funday Pawpet Show is ending. [Also posted as an article by Sonious.]

GreenReaper: io9 has tongue firmly in cheek reporting on "long-awaited" live-action Rats of NIMH director appointment.

aquariusotter: Gizmodo writes how "Animoji" - the animated face-tracking 3D emoji supported by the Apple iPhone X - are a "Gateway Drug to Furrydom".

2cross2affliction: Real life coyote's feat of survival rivals Wile E.

2cross2affliction: An American Tail; surprisingly historically accurate for a movie about talking mice.

2cross2affliction: Next time on Death Battle! Wait, Smokey Bear?

GreenReaper: If you never got around to Okami, or want to play again in 4K, you'll get your chance this December.

Fred: Good news for snow leopards.

Fred: "Watch Out for Wildlife Week" in California.

dronon: 2017 Ig Nobel Prizes given for studying cats as liquids, and how crocodiles affect gambling.

Fred: Abigail is the American Hero Dog of 2017.

2cross2affliction: Death Battle runs down the history of McGruff the Crime Dog.

2cross2affliction: Sia sings about rainbows for My Little Pony: The Movie.

Fred: Good news for red squirrels.

Equivamp: The first trailer for Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs has been released.

InkyCrow: Trailer for animated/live-action Peter Rabbit film released

dronon: Parrot makes a purchase on Amazon.

Fred: Frida, the Mexican rescue dog.

RingtailedFox: Sly Cooper (well, not really...) nearly caught by police van in Boulder, Colorado!

Fred: More bears in a Los Angeles suburb.

Fred: California gets an Official State Dinosaur.

dronon: Mash-ups in DeviantArt's Fan Art Generator.

2cross2affliction: The giant rat so giant the headline writer literally wrote "giant" twice. (It's been corrected, but the URL still has the wording.)

dronon: Ligers are pretty rare, so how rare are white ligers?

2cross2affliction: Results of CollegeHumor Disney poll: furry movies did very well.

dronon: Sieu Meo. [Actually, the film is from Hong Kong - Meow (2017).]



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