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Fur 'the More staffer Cobalt the Fox passes on after heart attack

Edited as of Wed 11 Oct 2017 - 21:29
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Sad news has come to the web journal of the furry convention Fur 'the More. Their most recent announcement tells of the passing of Cobalt the Fox (David Gonce) last Friday (October 6), due to a heart attack. The fox's final tweet indicated he had felt particularly ill.

This dedicated staffer worked in the security group, known as the Rangers, for the Baltimore area furry convention. He also had the opportunity to MC for their furry dance competition.

The blessings of the staff, and their sorrow over the loss speaks volumes for Colbalt's contributions to the fandom he loved.


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My heartfelt condolences to the Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Society for their loss.

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My thoughts to his family, including the extended family of Fur the More, on his passing. He will be missed!

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Rest in Peace

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