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Newsbytes archive for January 2018

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It's been a slow month here on Flayrah, judging by both the number of articles and newsbytes submitted. I know Sonious hasn't had as much free time lately, and my job's been keeping me busy, and then I caught the flu. (All better.) Now that it's February, I've still got a pile of tasks to get out of the way, and then hopefully things will pick up.

Still, we're not neglecting the site. If you've got an article or review, throw it our way! Also, I'll be attending Texas Furry Fiesta for my first time, where I'll be hosting two panels. The first is on foreign animated films, and the second is on the history of furry fandom. Improv events, which I also like to help run at cons when I get the chance, are already well-covered by several people at TFF - so I get to relax for a change!

Contributors to the Newsbytes this last month included 2cross2affliction, dronon, Equivamp, GreenReaper, and two new faces, BlindWolf8 and staghorne! And surprisingly, nothing from Fred - hope you're doing ok!

2cross2affliction: If you still haven't seen Zootopia, try PornHub. (Note to on-site browsers; that link is SFW!)

dronon: Animaniacs reboot coming to Hulu.

GreenReaper: Florida freeze causes iguanas to fall from trees.

Equivamp: Kotaku warns of a website dedicated to collecting and redistributing paywalled furry art from Patreon.

GreenReaper: Former Googler cites internal furry mailing list as evidence of discrimination against conservative white males.

2cross2affliction: It's Australia; of course the local birds of prey have been wielding fire almost as long as humanity.

BlindWolf8: If we could talk to the animals: Zoolingua aims to save lives and help you talk to your furry (or farm) friends.

2cross2affliction: There was definitely NOT A WOLF nominated for the 2017 Shorty Awards in the Weird category. You can check out @SICKOFWOLVES on Twitter.

2cross2affliction: Paddington 2 is gunning for a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score. Currently at 151 reviews, which is well ahead of Zootopia, which got picked off just shy of triple digits.

staghorne: Cranberry Fox explores the forest and teaches fancy machine learning.

GreenReaper: German-born, British-based children's illustrator Axel Scheffler, of 'Highway Rat' and 'Gruffalo' fame, admits he likes to draw 'animals with clothes on', and is fond of 'smaller rodent characters' because they're easier to draw than people.

GreenReaper: Singaporean swanbots deployed to defend against reservoir algae.

GreenReaper: Axel recently led illustrators to "create thought-provoking visions of Europe in response to Brexit" after drawing a cartoon of the fearsome #Brusselo for The Guardian in 2016.

2cross2affliction: Update: Paddington 2 has surpassed Toy Story 2 for most reviews at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

GreenReaper: UK researchers offer hope for Chilean 'tiger cat', finding it adaptable to intensive agriculture, albeit under threat from subdivision of farms.

dronon: A positive tweet towards the fandom from someone in the animation industry.

dronon: An upcoming animated film from Pakistan: Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor.

BlindWolf8: Sunny weather draws crowds and "Furries".

dronon: French anthro comic, Jim Hawkins, gets a second issue.

BlindWolf8: Michigan man receives letter granting his dog unemployment benefits.



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