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New issue of Tai-Pan fanzine released

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A new issue of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe was mailed to all current subscribers earlier this week and will be available for purchase from Rabbit Valley soon! The issue may also be purchased directly from the editor at NorWesCon this weekend.

Issue #29 features a front cover by Terrie Smith, and a back cover by Gary Fletcher. The issue contains "The Monsters" written by Chuck Melville and illustrated by Edd Vick, "Anniversary Bash, Chapter 12: Outride the Devil" (the conclusion!) written by Mark Allen Davis and Gene Breshears and illustrated by Chuck Melville, and "Haresay, part 1" written by Edd Vick and illustrated by Gary Fletcher.

Members of the Tai-Pan editorial board are attending the 25 Northwest Science Fiction Convention in Seatac, Washington, March 28-31. The Tai-Pan Project was created at NorWesCon 15 years ago.

If you're attending, look for our meeting posters and stop in to say hello.


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