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Marks Barks raises money for ALS after father diagnosed

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The furry online video content community, lead by Marks Barks, is reaching the final stretch of a fundraiser for the ALS foundation. They have reached over $12,000 dollars, and have gotten over 4/5 to their goal of $15,000 by Feburary 15th.

In part people donate in memory of Tony "Dog Bomb" Barrett who passed away in April. Unfortunately though, the disease struck again, with Mark Barks's father being diagnosed with the terminal illness in September 2019, which is the main catalyst of this fundraiser.

Be sure to follow Mark Barks's twitter account for future events in the fundraiser, and to see if they breach the fifteen thousand mark before the end of the week.


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It looks like they hit their 15,000 goal. However there is still today to contribute, so don't let that stop you!

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