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Update on the CARE Foundation Eviction

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Further details are provided on recent developments with the C.A.R.E Foundation's pending eviction. They have acquired an extension, but still need help and a new site. CARE's director has asked for assistance from the furries and identified some ways in which you can help.The C.A.R.E. Foundation (CARE) possesses a written lease for the property with no early termination clause that lasts till July 2005. CARE's director has spoken with the family and it appears that there is a struggle for control of Barber Farms Inc, the corporation that owns the land on which they are located. Federal and State laws make it impossible to re-house animals without an inspected and approved destination. CARE has sent a certified letter to the eviction attorney, informing him of these facts and refusing to recognize his client's right to evict them. The attorney was not aware of a written lease agreement prior to this, and the other members of the family have retained a new lawyer to fight this attorney and his client's attempted takeover of Barber Farms. Local media attention has embarrassed this attorney into granting an extension. However, these events do not significantly change the situation.

CARE desperately needs the assistance of a lawyer who will work pro bono and is skilled in tenant-landlord property disputes, and help relocating. Their plan is to vacate by July of this year, and they are attempting to buy and build their new facility.

Additional information is available on CARE's updates page.

CARE's director had the following requests of the furry community:

Money: Any money you could send them would be greatly appreciated. They are a 501(c)(3) charity organization, and donations are tax deductible. A Paypal account is in the works, and hopefully will be active on the 29th. Snailmail still works, and should be directed to the donation address shown below.

Donations: Uncle Kage has volunteered to assist with a fund raising auction on their behalf. They also have a wish list of items useful for the daily care of their animals. Checks or money orders should also be sent to this address:

The C.A.R.E. Foundation
P.O. Box 1012
Christmas, Florida

Volunteers: CARE is located in Central Florida, and they would like any furs who can help with the construction of their new facilities to sign up as volunteers. No dates have been set, as they are still trying to acquire a new property. They would also like anyone who is inconveniently far from their location, but still interested in their situation to join their mailing list. Please email, and ask to be included in their update emails.

Networking: CARE is still contacting their news friends, but would appreciate everyone spreading the word. They are interested in publicity, and especially any celebrities that might want to help their cause. If you have any print, radio or TV contacts that might be interested in their story, please pass it on. Should someone wish to interview the director, CARE's contact number is:
(407) 482 4092.

Letters of Support: If you have enjoyed a CARE presentation at Furry Spring Break or Pawpet Megaplex, or are sending a donation, please write a letter of support for the work they do. They are collecting these testimonies as evidence that they perform a valuable service. Similar letters have been requested from the schools where they exhibit.

Please help, and thanks.


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