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Newsbytes archive for January 2021

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, Equivamp and GreenReaper.

GreenReaper: Cunning iguana uses heating mat to attract, hitch up with fireman. [via BBC]

2cross2affliction: A rundown of the bizarre ideas carried out by the US's OSS spy agency during WWII include an attempt to make "real" kitsune to battle Japan.

GreenReaper: Know any worthy furry-related work published in 2020? Now's your last chance to add it to the Ursa Major Awards' list of recommendations.

GreenReaper: Smuggling endangered scaly animals: not as cool as Cyberpunk 2077 made it out to be.

GreenReaper: The real reason @NordicFuzzCon moved to Malmö: subsidized rodent housing, provided by local arts collective Anonymouse.

GreenReaper: Snake study shows yawning key to increased social vigilance. [tip: George@FM]

GreenReaper: Boomers beware: walking 'pups' on a leash won't save you from a $1500 fine in Quebec, where nobody knows you're a dog.

GreenReaper: Bowser's stuck in stone for a little longer as the opening of Nintendo's first theme park in Osaka Bay is delayed again.

dronon: Animals interrupting wildlife photographers.

dronon: In the anime film A Whisker Away, a teenage girl with a crush on a boy uses a magic mask to turn herself into a cat.

Equivamp: Patreon plans to change how monthly subscriptions work, drawing ire from some creators and supporters.

2cross2affliction: Just in case you still aren't sure who this Bugs Bunny character is, here's a nice documentary by YouTuber KaiserBeamz. (Check out their earlier videos on Bosko and Porky and Daffy, too!)

GreenReaper: Push Square notes animal-packed kart game Renzo Racer, released last month on Switch, is now out for PS5. But you might want to wait for reviews, as those for the 2019 PC version were not so favourable.

GreenReaper: UK gov plots to sterilize grey squirrels by spiking their hazelnut spread with contraceptives.

GreenReaper: A fursuiter made it onto UK breakfast TV show This Morning again; Keel Buns' appearance has spawned articles in the Daily Mail and other papers.

GreenReaper: Sidebar contributor icons are now shaper when zoomed in or viewed on mobile or other high-DPI devices - as is the Yerf Archive and its footer thumbnails. User summary generation has been tweaked to present more info and links.

GreenReaper: Singapore Zoo turns The Lion King into a kinky snuff tale, with the posthumous birth of cub Simba using sperm obtained via electro-ejaculation - just prior to father Mufasa's euthanasia, which was "the primary procedure".

GreenReaper: Pro tip: ferrets are hand-wash, drip-dry only. Do not wring.



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