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Newsbytes archive for June 2021

Edited by dronon
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, GreenReaper, and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Chiaroscuro woodmice, surprised fish, or an upside-down orangutan? All worthy subjects; but only one could win first prize in the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021 awards, also featuring polar bears, swallows and manta rays.

2cross2affliction: Medina Spirit, winner of the most recent Kentucky Derby, is probably going to be disqualified for repeatedly failing drug tests. This will be the second disqualified winner in 3 years after Maximum Security's 2019 revocation for "interference".

Sonious: Winds of Change, furry Visual Novel developed by Klace, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Review of the PC version here.

GreenReaper: Did you know eagles could swim? Just... not very well; so it's a good thing kayakers were there.

2cross2affliction: A visit to your local McDonald's is the best way to learn that Ty Teenie Beanies were recently the featured Happy Meal. During the 90s, this would have been headline news.

earthfurst: HouseBroken is an adult animated sitcom TV series that premiered on Fox on May 31, 2021. Honey the poodle (voiced by Lisa Kudrow) leads neighborhood pets in group therapy sessions. New episodes premiere Mondays. Semi-furry.

dronon: Wish Dragon is now available on Netflix!

2cross2affliction: Diver's encounter with a humpback whale takes on nearly biblical proportions. Experts (and joke Twitter account @awhalefact) agree it was probably a freak accident.

earthfurst: Sweet Tooth is live-action fantasy drama television series that premiered on Netflix on June 4. It stars a deerboy in a world with human/animal hybrids & is based on Sweet Tooth comicbooks by Jeff Lemire. Full trailer released mid-May.

dronon: Rock Dog 2 just came out.

earthfurst: The Owl House (animated fantasy TV Disney series) season 2 premieres this weekend. More adventures with Luz (good witch in training), King (cute wolf-like demon), Eda (Luz’s teacher & owl-creature), Amity (has crush on Luz), Hooty, etc.

GreenReaper: Deer delayed to 2024? Reboot of non-combat adventure Everwild puts back release, as developers Rare struggle with the question of what it means to nurture the world.

GreenReaper: Protecting the pangolins of Vietnam.

dronon: Currently in development, Small Saga now has a Steam page, and they're making a reader-guided webcomic called Needle Knight.

GreenReaper: The last rhionsaur? Chinese scientists detail the tapir-trunked, 21-tonne Paraceratherium linxiaense, which stalked the plains of Central Asia.

2cross2affliction: U.S. President Joe Biden's 13 year old German Shepherd, Champ, has passed away. He is survived by Biden's other German Shepherd, Major.

GreenReaper: Netflix's Sexy Beasts mixes The Masked Singer with... Cabaret Fur-le-Dance?

Sonious: Ash Coyote segment to be featured on the Today Show.

earthfurst: Official trailer for Sing 2. "In Theaters Christmas" (possibly December 22, 2021). Bono voices a lion musician who some of the team try to talk into coming out of seclusion.



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