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Newsbytes archive for September 2021

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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, BlindWolf8, dronon, and GreenReaper.

GreenReaper: If you ever wanted to know how cartoon animals get on in a supermarket with their natural abilities, Natural Habitat is the Twitter account for you. [tip: Ailan Sempar]

dronon: The finalists in the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

GreenReaper: If you wanna be fly like a spider, Webbed may be the action-adventure platformer for you. [tip: Kahai]

GreenReaper: "The dragon's 'bit' is critical to the symbolism" - Welsh artist Rhŷn Williams explains why he petitioned the Senedd to "demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis" after the Royal Mint put one on. [tip: @JN_Squire]

GreenReaper: Has your bill gotten bigger recently? It could be climate change.

BlindWolf8: Upside-down rhino research wins Ig Nobel Prize.

2cross2affliction: Beanie Babies: a humorous history.

GreenReaper: COVID brought peace for Alaska's harbour seals, sea otters, dolphins and humpback whales - and a factor-of-ten increase in listening distance. But a lack of cruise ships crippled Juneau's thriving tourist business. Now they're coming back.

dronon: Scientists have located the gene that gives domestic cats their stripes.

BlindWolf8: Crypto trading hamster outperforms Bitcoin, Warren Buffett, Cathie Wood.

GreenReaper: Preening with half a jaw, and the perfect pebble.

BlindWolf8: Keeping the good eggs safe: The traffic patrol officer at this school is a chicken. And it wears a fluorescent vest.

GreenReaper: "Beaver city-builders aren't exactly an established genre..." - rebuilding the world after humans have had their chance, one dam and waterwheel at a time.

dronon: In Niigata, Japan, the Wara Art Festival creates huge animal sculptures made of straw around wooden frames.

GreenReaper: "Patience, please" - neural implants may one day allow us to "program experiences directly into the brain's sensory regions", but they're not yet ready to accept furry commissions.

dronon: The Amazing World of Gumball is getting both a movie and a new series.

BlindWolf8: Meet Hartford's 'Furry Fandom,' a group of people with a unique hobby.

GreenReaper: Manta ray design inspires microplastics filter.

GreenReaper: Vice notes the Internet Archive's Furry History Collection.

GreenReaper: The dingo who fell from the sky.

dronon: How animals would run if they were people.



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