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Newsbytes archive for December 2023

Edited by dronon, Sonious
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Contributors this month include 2cross2affliction, dronon, earthfurst, and GreenReaper.

dronon: Winners of a squirrel photography contest.

2cross2affliction: Pixar's pandemic pictures are finally coming to movie theaters. Turning Red's run will start on Feb. 9.

earthfurst: Blackjack, a new Sheriff Hayseed video, was added to YouTube on Saturday Dec. 9. "This was a style test for a now cancelled full length short". Piemations posted an earlier vid about pain in both wrists, hence the cancellation.

GreenReaper: Russia has made MLP: Friendship is Magic 18+ and everyone thinks it's because of Rainbow Dash.

earthfurst: After IDW being main publisher of Usagi Yojimbo from 2019-22, UY has moved back to Dark Horse Comics, still in color. The Usagi Yojimbo: Ice and Snow miniseries is in shops starting in September, and follows the Green Dragon arc (final issues of IDW's UY).

dronon: Trailer for The Tiger's Apprentice, coming in early 2024 to Paramount+. (tip: Mink)

earthfurst: Season 3 of Hilda, an animated modern Scandinavian-fantasy, premiered December 7 on Netflix, and may be its final season. Featuring deerfox, Wood Man, woffs (flying fuzzballs), house spirits, nittens (tiny felines), plant-like vittra, and other creatures.

GreenReaper: First five grey wolves from Oregon released in Colorado after 2020 vote to reintroduce them; in total 10-15 are to be released by mid-March.

dronon: Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...

GreenReaper: Protogen attending MFF 2023 reports insulin pump failure due to Flipper-powered Bluetooth attack. [tip: BleepingComputer]

dronon: Anthony Padilla's YouTube podcast discusses assumptions about Furry fandom, with Furry fans.



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