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Weather warning for Afton, Oklahoma and nearby regions

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Radar map of the 44 highway with tornadoes near Allami Afton, Oklahoma is currently under tornado watch, so please be safe out there.

Miami, Oklahoma is currently being hit and is getting hit hard.


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And here I was thinking Tails and Tornadoes was three and a half months away!

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Um, how is this furry related? You might as well report that theres a high pressure heat dome being set up across the gulf coast from Texas to Florida causing temperatures to swell well above normal, and you shouldn't be fursuitng outside or else your get heat stroke.

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Just take it in...

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Well, where should I take it?

(To be fair, as an Oklahoman, I feel my response to this article here is


as well, but if it actually warned anyone, that's nice. Hey, at least it didn't break the front page this time! And welcome to Flayrah contribution, Fexe Wolf! Hope you survive the experience.)

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Broke... or made it blacker? 🤔 As for the story, it got a like on Twitter from a tornado watcher and a wolf.

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thanks, sorry for almost breaking the front page, I am fairly new.
Thanks for welcoming though❤

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Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he was referring to the story I posted before. 😅

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You planning on posting all the Aussie weather warnings too? Plenty of Aussie furs out there. There are some flood warnings on the East Coast this weekend due to that locked in weather system messing up our otherwise nice autumn... Or you could restrict it to the various cyclones up north, I guess?

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I swear, you Aussies - is there anything down under that isn't trying to kill you?

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There were waterspouts stickin' up out of the harbour about 200m from my house last weekend, and I was thinking the exact same damn thing... I'm told there's some pretty benign hills down along the Victoria border. But never been there long enough to check.

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probaly not but I will post news from here for now on, sorry for almost breaking


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Okay... uh. I stand corrected, tornado warnings were surprisingly apt for (at least, the other side of) my Great Southern Land.
The Bunbury Tornado was an unexpected weirdness this week, "only" 4000km away from where I live... We don't get many willi-willis this big here in Australia, so this one is a pretty crazy week all told.

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How is this furry relevant? Why would a global audience care about the weather report for a random town? That's for local news, not here.

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