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FluffMUCK - Going out with a bang

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As many of you know, FluffMUCK is going away soon.

Zorin's life has become too busy to run the MUCK as well as he'd like, and so rather than letting it falter, he's closing the doors.

What you may not know is that the MUCK is going out with a bang this Sunday night!There's going to be a party on FluffMUCK from 8pm to Midnight, EDT. Even if you haven't been on in a while, hop on and make your way to the park. Meet past friends, find out where people are going, collect email addresses, or just sit back and have a laugh.

And most importantly -- get there early! The MUCK's gone when July 1 rolls around.

The weasely thing for me to do next would be to plug my own MUCK as a new home for fluffers. But I'm a fox, and not a weasel, and so instead - I'd like to be sure everyone knows about Ranna. aims to be a FluffMUCK replacement, with the same commands and atmosphere as Fluff, right down to the same obscure global action commands. Wish luck to the wizards there, and to the Fluffers who go there for their new home.

Also - a big thumbs up is due for Zorin, who kept Fluff going for so long.

Fluff was one of the nicer furry MUCKs, especially for the younger furs, and Zorin's done an amazing job of keeping it all going. This, with virtually no support staff. Thanks for all the hard work, lynxie, and hope we all see you about elseMUCK!


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

It's gonna stick around for a while longer. Since it's been made private, pretty much all the problems I had with it have vanished. Why take it away from all you good folks already there?

It's up now as a private system. No public request system-- people who want to get on need to be invited by two existing players.


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