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Stalking Cat (Dennis Avner) to appear at CritterConDiego 3

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Stalking Cat (his lakota name; really Dennis Avner, aka "Cat man" "Cat" or "Tiger Man") recently sent us a message to let us know that he will be attending CritterConDiego 3.

Stalking Cat has recently appeared on several programs like Ripley's Believe it or Not, the Larry King Show, and several others because he is surgically and cosmetically altering his self into his totem animal. Visit for more information and to view pictures of his current state of trans-fur-mation.He has promised to be showing off his new robotic tail at CritterConDiego3. That should be cool to see.

CritterConDiego3 will take place Friday and Saturday nights during ComicCon International in San Diego, August 2nd and 3rd, from 6pm till 1am (or later) at the Holiday Inn on the Bay, Pacific Ballroom D.

For more information on CritterConDiego 3 and other events hosted by The ConFurence Group, visit us at



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So let's see... he's a middle-class white boy who decides he's *REALLY* Lakota and gets a tiger for his totem beast? Yeah, right. And I'M a gen-you-wine Mexica nahullaotl with the polar bear for my totem beast! Sigh. Is this clown setting off anybody else's bullshit detector?

I don't have either the time or the connections, but I wish someone would tell the serious Lakota spiritualists about this yobbo so they can pin his 'plastic medicine man' ass to the wall.

Long live the First People! Down with consumer shamanism!

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I'm not sure.

The name 'Tiger' seems to exist among the Lakota. Take a look at '', the artist names in '' and '', and in page 3 of ''

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I am Huron and Lakota and I stand up for who and What I am I do not hide behind anonymous like all cowards of your kind who accuse and run I challenge you to identify yourself

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I looked at some of the pictures and all I can say is: OWWIE! Those whisker implants must've hurt! And facial tattoos? That boy crazy.

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Especially considering he doesn't get anesthesia! Me-YOW!

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I'm all for lifestyling it up (Totems? Great. Barepawed? Cool. Therianthrope? Rock on.) but I really got to wonder what this fellow sees in the mirror every morning. I hope it's a beautiful tiger, because I just see ugly. :(

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I just have two questions here. One -- What does this guy do to make enough cash to get the operations? I have a hard time seeing him strolling into the nearest business and asking for work looking like he does.

Two -- If he's doing this for 'spiritual' reasons, then why get an agent, copyright yourself, and threaten legan acton against everyone who posts pics wthout paying you? And since he's copyrighted, does that mean anyone who does their own tiger-thing (body paint or suiting or whatever) can be legally sued?

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My copyright is to protect me from the hundreds who have stolen my pictures and lied about me and my agent lets me not be on the phone all the time and my copyright only covers me you idot.

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... Doesn't it not matter what others think of you? If others take the photos and lie about you and doctor them or modify them... what does it matter? It doesn't change who or what you are. It does not affect your spiritual self.... so why are you concerned about it?

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... the theory that furries are more accepting goes straight out the window. Thanks for making the rest of us look bad! Am I the only one who doesn't look upon Dennis Avner with something other than negativity?

So far as I know, Stalking Tiger IS part Native American. Never heard otherwise, and in the absence of contradictory information, I'm inclined to believe his website. (And if you're basing it upon his name, you're shallower than I thought.)

As for the polar bear thing.... I'm inclined to mirror 2 the Griffon here. I'm really sure that non-corporeal animal spirits CARE about distance or race. "I'd really love to be your spirit animal, but see, you were born in America and have European heritage, and I'm a kangaroo, it just wouldn't work out. Let's just be friends." Shyeeeeeeeah.

As 2 said, it is REALLY annoying when people who think they've got spirituality all worked out try to define it for the rest of us. You are an expert in these matters and can tell us what spirit animals we can and can't have because......?

As for "serious Lakota spiritualists," any spiritualist I would seriously consider respecting would say it's not their place to "pin his ass to the wall." Even if your spiritual system is as solid to you as mathematics or physics, going around telling others that their beliefs are wrong and yours are right is arrogant, hubristic, and just plain bad manners.

Part of a mature, well-developed spirituality is being secure enough in your beliefs, or lack of them, to not try to brow-beat anyone whose beliefs or image you don't like. That's valid across the board, I believe.

I WILL agree that the lawyerese smells fishy. But I'd get the word from the tiger's mouth on that before decreeing him a publicity hound or fake. Perhaps it's on the advice of a publicist. Or maybe he isn't yet completely resolved/comfortable/secure about the public and media's view of him.

But anyone who's got the committment, drive, and guts to do this level of body modification deserves the benefit of a doubt IMHO. Anyone who'd do that level of permenant and expensive modification to themselves would have to be crazy or stupid if it wasn't deeply meaningful to them, and he strikes me as neither. He's pretty much let the media come to him, from what I know - he lives an otherwise secluded life away from the city.

And oh yes, he works in electronics, rather skilled work I believe. He's GOT to be good to work around his talons/nails, which are very long. In presentations he is rather well-spoken, though the words sound odd due to the teeth implants, which really do look hella cool.

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I agree.

He's gonna get flack for this but you have to admit, it's damn impressive that he has the stones to go out and actually do it.

Here's a question, How many of you would do full body mods, lets say you could become that nifty drawing of your personal character, IF doing so was totally accepted and completely safe? It seems to me a lot would, I've seen enough furcodes that would, unless they're all lying.

If you answered yes to this, then maybe this just makes him braver than you? I know I couldn't do what he's doing. I'm too worried about not being able to find a decent job.

But.. Would I, if I could, if it was safe, if it was sure, and no society bias against me, have the full body treatment, internal and external? Become a fully functional anthro, complete with custom exterior and racing spots? Hell yes I would. Why not? It'd be hella fun.

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Thanks for making the rest of us look bad!

Cat does not identify as "furry". (Apparently he did as of 2002. I saw a documentary in which he said otherwise, however.) What he does should have no reflection onto furry. As for making anyone look bad, how many gigs of half-animal porn do you have stored on your computer?

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He can do whatever he wants.

And that is the truth of it!

Ask yourself what conclusion we could reach about YOU! if your life were examined in detail?

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[if your life were examined in detail?]

That I'm boring, I'm balding and need to get out of the office more often?

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Hi this is StalkingCat
To those people who feel the only way they can make themselves feel better is by putting me down for who and what I am. You should geting a job working for some of the tabloids at least that way you could have work befitting your intelligence and integrity and would never have to worry about facts, and you could continue your anonymous posts like so much gases expelling your anus.
If you have the guts to make an ass out of yourself in public I will be glad to help you I will be at Crittercon Friday and Saturday .
I made no apologies for who and what I am. I am a tiger and I am up for any challenge .
I am not one to pass judgment on others but apparently this proves that even among furs there are a-holes.
I am Native American and I am furry

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HEY, COME OFF IT OKAY! I'm Bender, (Bentiggy). I'm a hardcore furry lifestyler. Look, if you think what he has done has made people think of furries in a bad light. Well, gee, sorry, if a human murders a bunch of people, does that make everyone think that ALL humans are bad??? NO, of course not, grow up and get a life. He is doing what he wants to and he is happy. If you aren't okay with that. GO AWAY! We lifestylers ARE LIFESTYLERS! We aren't some bunch of ***** fanboy's running around shouting. If this has made you upset, I DON'T CARE! I will do whatever I want to to make me happy, (without hurting anyone else). I just feel I think the same way as stalkingcat and if you don't believe we can be born the wrong species, what about people born the wrong gender? Hmm, oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you? TOO BAD! Please explain my connection and ability with animals then thankyou

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well cat, what band of lakota do you come from? we can start this off like that.

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He's a really nice guy in person. Although I would never take the steps to modify my body as he has (unless they ever come up with some sort of nano-tech super science that makes it less surgery, more of a transhuman type of thing), it's his body and he can do what he wants - honestly, who could really say what he has done to himself affects you in any way?

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