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There's still time to register for Feral! 2002

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Feral! 2002 is going to be damn cool. How cool -is- 'damn cool'? Oh, that's easy..

Guest of honour: Ginger (Jessica Willard), creator of Falstaff (intolerably cute).

Special guest: Uncle Kage (Dr Sam Kage v2.0 with Mohawk option)

Workshops: art techniques, writing, fursuit construction, sculpting + more.

Activities: Kayaking, wall climbing, swimming, high ropes, nature hikes, campfire sing-alongs, and ritual Teletubby sacrifices. Rargh.

on Saturday Night.. the Feral! Woodland Rave!: DJ Snowwolf, DJ Genki, Slay3r and Chris Pardus.

This isn't just a con.. this is Feral!Feral! is North America's longest-running outdoor furry convention. It's held at a camp 3 hours north of Toronto, Ontario, where the air is clean and the night sky is filled with stars (and where there actually IS electricity and cellular phone service!)

Our guest of honour this year is the lovely and talented Jessica 'Ginger' Willard, creator of the lovable and mischievous Falstaff. Ginger will be hosting art classes as well as just hanging out and being personable.

Uncle Kage, known to mundanes as Dr. Samuel Conway, will be getting a sunburn on his mohawked head.. as well as delighting campers with the one and only Uncle Kage's Campfire Story Hour.. which will probably go on longer than an hour. And if you think that having it by a fire doesn't make a difference, well then you're just far too domesticated: fire makes Kage much cooler to listen to! It's a metaphysical thing.

We host a wide variety of outdoor activities using the camp's great facilities (Kayaking, wall climbing, high ropes, swimming, nature hikes, etc.) as well as classes in art techniques, writing, fursuit construction, and the collective sharing of artistic wisdom from some of the fandom's coolest artists.

Everything is included in the cost of admission: ($195 USD, $295 CDN) That may sound like a lot, but that pays for food, lodging, activities, marshmallows, the whole deal! When I go to other cons I usually spend way more than that (120 for room + 45 for admission + crazy amounts on take-out food)

At night, we have campfires (don't burn your weenie!), guitar sing-alongs, stargazing, the Drum Circle (which occasionally involves ritual Teletubby sacrifices), and the fabulous Feral Rave on Saturday Night featuring DJ SnowWolf, DJ Genki and 2 others as well (How cool is that??)

Most of all Feral! is all about hanging out and relaxing with friends, in a beautiful environment with minimal mundanes around. It's the perfect way to round out your summer. Besides, who needs another more-of-the-same hotel con? This isn't just a con.. this is Feral!


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