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March 2007

ANTHRO #10 is online!

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here once again, bringing you word of a new ANTHRO issue -- in this case, #10! This time around, the zine comes to you with a distinctly feline cover that's so good, a confirmed rabbit like Phil Geusz asked for a signed copy the moment he laid eyes on it! Talk about your pleasant surprises...

Item: Moving right along, the highlight of the issue might be the YARF! Reviews section of the ANTHRO Library. We got this started last issue, with every Patten review from YARF! #s 1-10; for the current issue, we added another *12* issues' worth of reviews, bringing us up to YARF! #22.

Yerf goes offline; may be 'the end'

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Update (March 11): Yerf appears to be back online. No explanation as yet for the outage.

Yerf is facing its latest crisis . . . although what that is has yet to be announced. A cryptic post by long-time administrator Dingo accompanies the latest 404:

" I think it's the end for Yerf. I have to close Yerf immediately.[1] "

Yerf is no stranger to downtime. The last two years have seen the once-mighty PG furry art archive suffer through extended outages, starting just after Christmas 2004 when the server's hard drive failed.[2] Crucially, no backup of the art or software was available.[3]

The site was down for over ten months, returning only after an effort to rebuild it led by Locoindigo. Yerf remained in a read-only form for two months before full access was restored. Further problems emerged over the third quarter of 2006, leading to several artists demanding that their art be removed from the archives.[4]

UK furs plan to be ConFuzzled in 2008

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ConFuzzled will be held at the Manchester YHA

UK furs are looking forward to the possibility of a full-blown convention next summer. ConFuzzled is to be held during June 2008 at the the Manchester Youth Hostel in North West England. A maximum attendance of 144 is planned.[1]

To date, the largest single event in the UK has been a River Thames boat party held in December 2006.[2] Therians attracted over 50 furs and therians to Wokingham in May 2000 and 2001,[3] and various activities were proposed through 2003-5 under the names FurCon UK and BritFur, but no event was ever held.[4][5] However, regular furmeets take place under the organization of the NorthernFurs and LondonFurs.

Convention regulars BigBlueFox, Chairo, Cheetah and Timduru are said to be helping the organizers in their planning.[1]

RainFurrest Spring 2007 Newsletter

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Forwarded for a dear friend of mine who is planning the replacement for Conifur.

His Email is

Hello everyone,

My name is Trapa, and I'm the co-chair of the RainFurrest convention happening this August in Seattle. My staff and myself have been working extra hard to make sure that this event happens. So we'd like to inform you about our current status.

-- About the con
-- Registration
-- Hotel
-- Staffing
-- Events
-- Dealers Den
-- Art Show
-- Con Book

2006 Ursa Major Awards voting is now open

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Voting for the 2006 Ursa Major Awards for the Best Anthropomorphic Literature and Art opened on March 10, 2007, and will run until midnight (PDT) April 14, 2007[1]. The award nominees were selected by determining the top five vote-getters in each category of the 2006 Recommended Anthropomorphics List; in the event of ties the number of nominees was simply expanded.

Ballots are available from the Ursa Major Awards website; the ballot also contains links to as many of the original works as possible. Votes may be cast either by e-mail or by postal mail. The awards will be presented at Califur 3.

2006 Ursa Major Awards voting is now open

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The 2006 Ursa Major Awards are now open, and will close on April 14th. The nominees are, in alphabetical order...:

In Like A Lion, It's Morphicon's March News!

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Morphicon: "Technofurs": May 18-20, 2007
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH
Guests of Honor: Steve Plunkett, patron of furry puppetry Summer
Jackel, featured furry artist Kitt Foxx, furry costumer, artist


In this edition:

* Congratulations!
* The Dreaded Deadlines
* Community Events
* Charity
* Etcetera


Social networking... furry style!

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ConFur, Tori Belliachi's attempt at the now defunct idea of the first furry social network

Your read that headline, and you better believe it, cause it's (hopefully) coming to your internetz sometime in April! If it isn't already online!

Yes, this is the much noted ConFur, yet another project by our very own Tori Belliachi - more commonly known as me - and Furry Media International. Details are still in the writing at the time of going to that virtual press, but expect a basic site with basic features; which will soon end up as one big thang with every feature you could dream of (we're talking maybe the year 20 million here.)

Ferrox update cancelled

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Fur Affinity's much anticipated Ferrox code update has been cancelled, so say early rumours from FA HQ.

In a low-publicity statement by lead coder and owner of Fur Affinity, Alkora, he announced that the purchase of the site's new server - christened Tiamat - would require a complete recoding of the site's backend to allow proper server synchronisation. Thus making a great majority of the Ferrox code virtually useless.

"The ferrox system that I had planned to implement for FA will not be used now [...] We're not using the current code because we need code that can handle multiple servers at one time... load management... all that nice stuffs..."

Alkora has since donated the Ferrox coding to the InflatioNation, the furry fandom's largest non-pornographic inflation and fatfur community.

New UK furcon revealed

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Continuing nicely from this issue's British furry theme, the UK's first furry convention has been announced!

ConFuzzled is still very much under the wraps but that doesn't mean details are lacking. If all goes the plan then the UK's first could go agaead as soon as mid-2008. Set to take place in Manchester, England's "number two" city, the plan is to provide a similar service as Eurofurence - full board, bed and breakfast for a set price.

The origins of furry, by Jace

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The furry fandom. I doubt anybody here would disagree that it is a really great thing to be a part of. But the thing is, how did this whole sha-bang start? Who started it all? And when in our entire history did cute walking, taking animals become so popular that it started off a cult?

Well, if you're trying to discover about this sort of stuff that the fandom started in so many possible ways. So, let's get stuck in and go right back to the start!

Featured artist: Kbryme

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It's one thing is an artists is great; it's another if they hardly realise that. Kbryme, or KB to some, is just that. He's a non-pornographic inflation and general furry artist. And I nominated him for this issue's Featured Artist segment. Why? Because he's a great artist!