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December 2007

Renard's Menagerie #4 available for purchase!

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Renard's Menagerie, the Journal of Anthropomorphic Fiction, has just published its fourth issue, and it's available for purchasing at

Mickey Takes The Witness Stand

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In an amusing clerical error, an Italian court has summoned Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tweety to take the stand in a copyright counterfeit trial.

Lawyers for Disney say that the characters maintain permanent residence in Disneyland and therefore, regretfully, cannot answer the summons. Newsweek has the full story.


Furries at French independent art festival

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Eurofurence booth at the festival

On December 1st and 2nd, 2007 the independent art festival Rassemblement des Mondes Hors-Pistes (Assembly of the Off-Track Worlds) took Part at gallery agnes b. in Paris. The festival celebrated ten years of TRACKS,[1] a TV magazine about subcultures and independent art which broadcasts on the Franco-German cultural channel Arte.

Members of the Eurofurence staff were invited[2] to take part in the festival. TRACKS had previously covered the furry fandom with a report from Conifur Northwest 2002.[3]

Webcomic Secret Santa 2007

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I know that it is very late, but Webcomic Secret Santa 2007 is accepting sign-ups for participation! If you are a webcomic creator who wants to draw gift art or a gift comic for while discovering new comics and receive gift art or a gift comic, then please join in the fun!

Scribbler Mythos - 'Monty on the Run'

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MontyAs this is a furry themed publication, I will be reviewing games that star or prominently feature anthropomorphic characters. Since this is my first review, let's go back to one of the earliest furry video games I can think of: Monty on the Run.

Monty on the Run is a 1985 Commodore 64 platform game created by Peter Harrap, a game which is so bloody complicated it would make a savant cringe. You play the role of Monty Mole, being chased by the police for intervening in the 1984-85 miners strike. It follows up from one of the previous games if the Wikipedia articles are to be believed. Though for some strange reason you never actually encounter any police for the duration of the game, but rather a plethora of bizarre, surrealistic enemies. Monty must now find a boat to cross the English Channel so that he can flee from Thatcher's Britain. Novel, isn't it?

A musing by Fluke

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I went on YouTube today, it happens sometimes. It is a good place to go find some easy entertainment of some idiot sticking fireworks in his trousers or something. So there I was having a laugh at all these videos when I see a certain video of the most recent exploits at Anthrocon.

I laugh, I enjoy the video, I go to leave a comment. Already many furs had left their opinions on how awesome it is; the comments all positive and cheery! But all of a sudden they exploded! Where there were happy furs they were replaced with angry, screaming furs! All shouting nasty comments at the 'dirty mundanes'...

I took a double take and I wondered what could have triggered such uproar, I had to squint to see it but I found it...


Klingons vs. Furries

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The furry teamYet another busy month for furries in the media is upon us, fronted by the Furries vs. Klingons bowling tournament; which gained internet-wide attention after being featured on Boing Boing and Fark TV.

Blogs went wild for this clash of the subcultures and someone even set up a poll on who they thought would win. From the start of the poll right up to weeks after the tournament the furs and Trekkies were neck and neck, each taking their turn to inch forward and fall back again. This was hyping up to be the subcultural clash of the year!

The hype was immense! Every furry, Trekkie and simply internet-centric website was reporting the event. Even Anthrocon caught up - bowling at the next Anthrocon anyone?

Video: FMV Explosion

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Leon FauveLeon Fauve - "the Welsh wuff" - is an art student in Wales (surprisingly), who recently found fame for his "FMV" series of videos.

FMV Explosion is a series of "Furry Music Videos" created by Leon, each of which is a combination of random furry videos put to music and sound clips. There are currently six in existence, with a seventh on the way!

Story: Hotel Fiera

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Rain pattered off the wind shield, the constant faint drumming stopping abruptly each time the wipers swiped it away, the repeated motion having a sort of heartbeat like rhythm, quite hypnotising when there is nothing but an open road and hundreds of miles between you and your destination.

Keep it decent

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It's very rare that I end up getting more than annoyed at something; even moreso when it gets to a point where I feel an intervention is needed. But last month just that happened.

I set the scene; it's November in the north of England, it's quite cold and is raining as it usually is. However the ecstasy that the day's furmeet brings is enough to alleviate such a low. It's the Manchester furmeet, the twice-yearly event when I get to meet the equivalent to a small convention of furs without having to spend a penny!

I meet old faces and meet anew. We laugh, snuggle and generally have a good time. Fursuits are brought out and the fursuiting events go on. The artists converge into "artists corner", show off their sketches and draw new ones. All the same to the average meet! A fairly perfect day in furrydom.

Then you see, and you learn.

Fur Affinity sold to lead admin Dragoneer

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Fur Affinity, the fandom's largest and most active art community, has been taken over by lead admin Dragoneer.

Following the leadership scuffles reported in the last edition of The Furtean Times, the future of FA's administration has been in constant doubt. Now a final agreement has been reached with Dragoneer - also known as Preyfar - taking full ownership over the Fur Affinity website for a currently undisclosed amount.