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October 2008

WikiFur reaches 10,000 articles; adds portal to highlight multilingual efforts

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The new portal highlights international participation

Webcomic review: Jack by David Hopkins

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The cast of Jack
The cast of Jack

Of all the webcomics out there, Jack probably holds title of being one of the most disturbing. This comic was described in a previous review by Comixtalk as containing, “rape, drug use, swearing, graphic sexual acts, incest, cannibalism, nudity, savage violence, and images of hell”.

I think, therefore I am (a furry)

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Picture by Turbine Divinity.

Something struck me recently. Not literally of course. I am not dedicating two month’s worth of furry internet journalism to illness (despite a recent cold). What I want to discuss this week is what makes the average furry tick - why do we choose the fursona we come up with, how we express ourselves, and so on.

This thought occurred to me when I was watching a documentary series broadcast on the British TV network ITV1 recently. Called Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs, it was a programme which looked at the relationship between people and their pet dogs. In the first episode, presenter Clunes looked at the history of dogs and how they evolved from wolves and dingoes. The thing that got my attention at first was when it was mentioned that dogs are around 99.8%. Then I started to think, “Why then do I associated more with wolves, when the difference between them and dogs is so slight?”

2 Gryphon poisioned while on London trip

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2, the Ranting Gryphon, recently poisoned while on a trip to London.

As most of you folks out there will probably know by now, one 2 Gryphon was near-fatally poisoned following a London furmeet at the weekend just passed.

A suspected pair of shots – spiked with significantly higher levels of alcohol – were downed by the well-known comedian, which he claims "is the last thing I remember about the evening". He was later found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.41; 0.40 is the amount required to reach "LD50" – or a greater than 50% chance of death.

2 was looked over by the police and ambulance services on the night and spent most of the next day recovering. In his blog he noted that it was his compulsive alcoholism that probably got him into trouble, however his extreme tolerance to the drink is probably what stopped him dying.

Furry Sociological Survey results released after two year wait

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The results of the Furry Sociological Survey held by Kyle Evans in 2006-2007 have finally been released to the public. Based greatly off David Rust’s survey in 1998, it shows a few significant changes in the state of the fandom. The fandom is younger, more heterosexual and is now composed out of many more ethnic minorities. I won’t ramble on, but be sure to check out the results of Evan’s survey.

Furry Art Pile closes; open-source ArtPiles to spur on new art sites

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Well, following the collapse of talks between Furry Art Pile and MyFursona - as discussed in the last edition of FT - it seems that a new bird is rising from the ashes.

So far all that’s known about ArtPiles is that it’s an “open source art community” and that it’s “coming soon” - this would be in line with Ekigyuu’s ideology to release the source code behind Furry Art Pile following closure, to allow other people to use or adapt the idea for their own needs. The old Furry Art Piles website - while spending nearly two months linking to a Rickroll - now redirects to the ArtPiles website

There’s more of this to come. Keep tuned.

WikiFur passes 10,000 articles, new international versions launched

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Furry encyclopaedia WikiFur has had an exciting few months. With the new server up and running, the imminent migration of the current English WikiFur and a whole host of new languages joining the fray - it seems like things can only get better!

WikiFur and it’s aim to be the collection of furry knowledge has seen exponential growth in recent times, with the growth of the fandom and WikiFur’s lax policy on “vanity pages” meaning that anyone can be a part of the project, no matter what their status within the fandom. Because of this the English language version of WikiFur has surpassed 10,000 articles, a full six months after it passed 9,000.

RBW hit by website issues

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London furry convention RBW was hit by some fairly big website bugs in the month of September, bringing the site, support systems and registration offline for a number of weeks. This prompted a number of complaints about lack of support and slowness of staff to properly rectify problems. The RBW website had to move to an alternative domain during this time and many sections of the site were unavailable.

The problem now appears to be rectified.

ConFuzzled announces 2009 schedule

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Residential registration has already opened and nearly sold out, with only 37 “attending only” placements left at time of writing. Compare this to last year, when the last tickets were sold only weeks before the start of the convention. And all these sold before the events schedule is even announced.

The 2009 schedule is much the same as last year, with an opening day barbecue and the new “WikiFur PubQuiz”. One notable change is the Guest of Honour slot, this year occupied by Tabbiefox, and his cartooning workshop. The Furrylimpics is still a large part of the weekend line-up. Timduru’s FursuitTV makes a return too, followed on by QI parody quiz “Furry Interesting”.

One more guest of honour is due to be announced, be sure to get your place if you haven’t already!

Mainstream Media Roundup for Sep-Oct 2008

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Another coupla months, another coupla conventions, and another dozen or so furries in the world media! How fun!

Independent Media Roundup for Sep-Oct 2008

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Not just the big guns that can spew out crap (and the occasional piece of lovely) about the fandom! The indies can do it too!

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