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December 2008

The GreenReaper Interview

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GreenReaper, the subject of a recent Furry101 interview

The folks over at Furry101 - home of the quite informative Furry Social Tips comic (you should check it out, especially if you lack common etiquette) - have conducted an interesting little interview with WikiFur founder and lead admin GreenReaper!

Go check it out!

A Doemain of Our Own comes to an end

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After nearly 10 years in the running, webcomic A Doemain of Our Own is shutting up shop and finally coming to an end.

In a statement posted on the site, Susan Rankin - the mind behind the comic - called it an "amazing run" and thanked her readers for making her feel "truly blessed".

The second Doemain book - Shift Happens - was released this month too, to accompany the previous self-titled volume of Doemail strips.

Rankin is planning future projects, however they are yet to be disclosed.

A Doemain of Our Own isn't the only one however, Ozy & Millie is another long-running strip popular amongst fandom members that will be soon coming to an end. The strip is already well into it's finale and is due to end in the next few weeks.

Welcome to!

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Tori introduces you to the new!

Well, as far as I can tell everything is up and running! All systems are go and all your base are belong to us! So let's give a run down of all the new stuff going on here!

We're now run off a completely self-coded interface, giving us massive amounts of extensibility and opportunities for many new features - which will be coming along as time comes on (the new to-do list on the admin interface is absolutely packed).

Adding stuff is as simple as ducks, and it's all published instantly to our front page, which makes for a great platform for all you budding writers and artists out there! Just make sure you format things properly!

Just to give you a sneak peek, stuff planned for the next versions include RSS feeds, video embedding and uploading, better image placement management (they're currently displayed in predefined positions depending on the article type), search, vote functions and drafting functions.

Yes, I'm going to have a lot ahead of me :P

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Spectra injured in car wreck

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Spectra and a friend at MFF 2007

Fandom member Spectra Vixen (Brianna Foxx) was severely injured in an car accident on Sunday morning and is currently in critical condition at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota.[1][2]

Spectra spun out on ice and hit a guard rail which entered her car. She was flown to the hospital, which contains a level 1 trauma center. Her partner, Butterscotch Vixen, drove to the hospital to be by her side.

Spectra suffered a severe cut from her upper right chest and shoulder, down to her knee. Her right arm was nearly detached at the scene, six to eight inches below the shoulder, and the doctors were unable to save it.[3]

As of Sunday night, Spectra was in the intensive care unit. By Monday, her condition had improved slightly, and Butterscotch reported "the docs seem happy with the numbers they see".[3][4]

Book Review: The Hartlepool Monkey by Sean Longley

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The front cover of The Hartlepool Monkey by Sean Longley

This issue, I have decided to review a novel, mainly because there a lack of furry novels. While this novel is not written with the fandom in mind, it does cover the furry criteria (i.e. the title character is a monkey with human qualities). Also, it is a novel with some importance to me locally.

I come from the Teesside region of England, and one of the towns in it is the port town of Hartlepool. The most famous myth attached to the town is that during the Napoleonic Wars there was a shipwreck, the sole survivor of which was a monkey. However, the residents of Hartlepool did not know what the monkey was and so they hanged it, thinking it might be a French spy. Since then, the people of the town have been nicknamed “Monkey hangers”.

The legend is one that has been adopted into the local ethos. The mascot of the town’s football club, Hartlepool United, is H’Angus the Monkey. One of the men who played him, Stuart Drummond ran for election as the town’s first directly elected mayor. He promised that if elected, he would give free bananas to all school children – and he won! Not only did he win, but he was re-elected in the next election with an increased majority, despite the fact he failed to deliver on his promise.

Anyway, to return to the point of my review, The Hartlepool Monkey is a novel based on the legend, telling the story of the monkey from its discovery to its eventual execution.

Bristled website goes down

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The website which hosts the webcomic Bristled has gone down.

The Ursa Major Award-nominated comic, drawn and written by Stephanie Mebius, has fallen through because of financal problems. Mebius has posted on her Fur Affinity and DeviantArt accounts that she plans to load up the comics onto her FA and DA accounts.

She has also asked for donations to help her through her current economic troubles, which can be done by sending money to her PayPal account.

FurreSpace threatens FurSpace with legal action over name

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FurreSpace and FurSpace get into legal strop over naming rights

FurreSpace – the social networking site started by furry web host Furtopia – has threatened social newcomer FurSpace with legal action over the similarity of their names and domains.

In a statement posted on FurSpace, founder Kisuka questioned what copyright claims that FurreSpace has to the name, and asked the community for feedback on the case.

Wyrmkeep Entertainment Newsletter for Dec. 2008

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Items of Interest:

  1. Downloadable Trial Version of Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb
  2. PDF Release of the Inherit the Earth Adventurers Guide
  3. Inherit the Earth Mini-Games
  4. Inherit the Earth Comic Book #2
  5. Mole's Quest for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  6. Upcoming Conventions

Media Roundup for December 2008

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Yet more goings on in the great world of the media! [some from furrymedia]

Wil Wheaton hates furries

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Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher, who recently showed a distaste for the furry fandom

Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, appears to have a bit of distaste for us furry types. On a blog about fandoms, he left this comment:

Furries give me the creeps, and I've had some random dude dressed up in a fucking fursuit try to hump my leg enough times to feel pretty comfortable saying that.

You want to dress up like animals and do shit together? Great, have fun. Just leave me alone when you're doing it. I don't think it's cute and I don't think it's funny. It's a violation of my personal space and I don't like it.

Just as everyone is entitled to their opinions about me and my work and my blog and everything else, I am entitled to hold this opinion and express it.

One Fur, One Vote: The Politics of the Fandom

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An embroidery of the front door of 10 Downing Street

Politics is always in the air. You cannot avoid even though at times you wish the whole thing would go away. Look at the American election – after all, it is impossible not to. Months and months of coverage, much of it pointless and reporting rumours. All of these stories about Barack Obama being a secret Muslim, an elitist, a socialist, not to mention the “Terrorist fist-bump” and “Not being black because this father was white”. At least we British only limit general elections to a few weeks.

But what about politics in connection with the furry fandom?

FC2009 December Newsletter

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1.  Pre-Registration closing soon!
2.  Important Times
3.  Furly Edition Zero
4.  Hotel News
5.  Dealers Room and Furry Market Place: Sold Out, Waiting List Closed
6.  Art Show
7.  Masquerade
8.  Furry Night Live official Call for Acts
9.  Fursuit Photography
10. Spirituality Programming
11. Next Staff Meeting