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Captain Carrot 1982 series being digitally released by DC on ComiXology

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Zoo_Crew_1_cover_0.jpgDC is doing a digital release of Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew! this year. First issue was released in 1982... now rereleased August 19th, 2014!

From Wikipedia:

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! is a DC Comics comic book about a team of funny animal superheroes called the Zoo Crew. The characters first appeared in a special insert in The New Teen Titans #16 (February 1982),[1] followed by a series published from 1982 to 1983. The Zoo Crew characters were created by Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw!. Although the series, which was the last original funny animal property created by DC Comics, proved short-lived, it is still fondly remembered by many comic fans of its generation, and the characters appear occasionally in cameos in the mainstream DC Universe (this is made possible due to the existence of a "multiverse" in the DCU, which allows the Zoo Crew characters to exist on a parallel Earth).

Furries in the WWE

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a history of doing strange things and not taking itself completely seriously.

Now one wrestler, Jack Swagger has got himself a mascot: Swaggers Soaring Eagle.

Bobcat off hook. Police seek red fox.

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In the widely reported case of the death of Bald Eagle 'Captain' at the National Zoo on 4th July, the local Bobcat community breathed a sigh of relief today as suspicion shifted to a Red Fox being the perpetrator of the heinous deed. The Charleston Post and Courier has the scoop.

Harpy eagle breeding program moved to Panama

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The Harpy Eagle, largest bird of prey in the world and national symbol of Panama, is now being bred in that country after an unsucessful attempt to breed the rare and powerful birds in in US. Rather than simply imitating the tropical environs of the birds, which led to very little sucess in the 4 year program and no birds strong enough to survive in the wild, the World Center for Birds of Prey has moved their breeding to the actual home territory of the Harpy Eagle.
The Harpy Eagle is a special challange due to its size, need for a vast territory and solitary nature. Habitat loss and poaching are the biggest threats to the species' continued survival.

Dachshund Survives Eagle Attack

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A dachshund who was carried away by an eagle is expected to make a full recovery after being wounded in the rare attack.

Bald Eagle Attack!

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A bit of an exaggeration, but head to's article about a beach-lovin' bald eagle. The article calls him immature... I'd say he's acting just like a young adult, heading for adventure on the coast. ;) But seriously, check out the photograph... what a magnificent creature!

Disease Plagues Bald Eagles

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A mysterious brain disorder is affecting bald eagles and other birds. Scientists are still looking for clues as to what might be causing it.

"Watch the Birdie" gets a whole new meaning

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While it's nothing new to have a camera pointed at wildlife, this article from CNN details a slightly new take on things.