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Blotch penciller BlackTeagan up for Russ Manning Award

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Nordguard: Across Thin IceBlackTeagan (real name Teagan Gavet) is one of five nominees for the Russ Manning Award, to be presented at Comic-Con International on 22 July. BlackTeagan has been nominated for the pencilling of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, which she produced with Blotch co-collaborator Kenket (Tess Garman).

The Russ Manning Award, presented annually since 1982, is for the most promising newcomer in the comic book world. It's also a huge opportunity for positive exposure of the furry fandom's artwork, as Comic-Con 2011 attracted over 126?000 attendees and has been active since the '70s.

2011 Ursa Major Award winners announced at Califur VIII

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The winners of the 2011 Ursa Major Awards for the best anthropomorphic literature, artwork and websites published in 2011 were announced June 2 at a ceremony during Califur VIII.

1,782 ballots were cast in this year's voting, an increase of almost 30% on last year.

Only the winners were announced at the ceremony. However, due to a policy change voted upon by the ALAA Committee, the vote order of all nominees is available on the UMA website.

Read on for results. The story includes contributions from Fred Patten.

Nordguard: The Card Game

The art collective (or pair at least) known as Blotch have a new item connected with their successful comic book/graphic novel series Nordguard. Now it’s the Nordguard Card Game, coming this summer from Sofawolf Press. The game itself was developed by Tempe O’Kun and Nic Wald, and play-testing was directed over the last year by Jeremia Heupel of ThinkTank Games. And the game itself? “You and your friends play as an anthropomorphized sled dog rescue team, overcoming cannibalistic strays and a landscape as capricious as it is lethal. Only your wits and your gear stand between you and certain disaster. Quick-reference instructions provide the rules in minutes, while a scalable difficulty curve provides a challenge for everyone from pups to even the most veteran sled dogs. A randomized map ensures no two missions will ever be the same. Based on the award-winning graphic novel Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, this slim set comes packed with over 120 illustrations by the artists Tess Garman & Teagan Gavet [aka Blotch].

Interview: Blotch on 'Nordguard: Across Thin Ice'

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At this year's Anthrocon I was able to touch base for a few minutes with Blotch, the duo team of BlackTeagan and Kenket, and ask some questions about their latest release; Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, which debuted at AC ’11. (review)

Blotch is already famous in the fandom for their cover work on Kyell Gold’s books (Out of Position, Isolation Play) as well as winning multiple awards for their cover work on conbooks and for their first graphic novel, Dog’s Days of Summer, also available via Sofawolf Press.