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FC2003 Newsletter September 2002

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On behalf of Further Confusion: Furries in Wonderland

FC2003 Newsletter September 2002

1. Info From the Head MadHatters
2. Introducing Guest of Honor Toby Bluth
3. FC2003 Badge Art Call for Submission
4. Initial Pre-Registration Price Hike
5. Activities at World Science Fiction Convention
6. Hotel Information
7. FC Web Forums Are Go!
1. Info from the Head MadHatters

Wow, we're another month closer to the convention and its getting HOT!
There are so many things going on my head is spinning. We have a ton of
things in store for you. Including our new guest! See below. Many new
events and several surprises :) As we have in the past, we will still be
holding our famed animal events for you and yours to enjoy. Several
species are rumored to be in attendance. We will be having the largest
Dealer turnout in FC history for your shopping needs and more Art Show
space than ever. Fursuiting events are shaping up nicely from what I
understand, with the return of Junkyard Fursuiting, Critterlympics,
Fursuit Dance, Masquerade and new this year: Retro Suits! Not to mention
several days of how-to's with hands on workshops. We will also be
incorporating our new social track with gatherings and sigs. Our AV team
also has a spectacle for your enjoyment, our first ever specific Laser
Show! Lindz has brought his gear in the past for the dances, now
experience his art mano-a-mono with an hour or more of light fantastic in
LaserStripes! As we continue to strive to educate our audience we will
continue to put together an awesome writing, art and sci track as well.
You will need a clone to experience all we have to offer, caffeine
available! And last but not least, FCTV! The hotel has granted us the
use of their close circuit television network and we plan on showing con
event reruns, interviews and unique material throughout the course of the
con. If you would like to show something either you have copywrite for,
or is not copywrited and PG rated, please send us a note to Do the same if there is anything you, our
honored guests, wish to see or do at FC. Take care, chat at ya next

Chairo (Lee Strom) - Chairman
Aetobatus (Michael Sawyer) - Vice Chairman

2. Introducing Guest of Honor Toby Bluth

Toby Bluth is a talented animator, artist, director, and entrepreneur. He
was born on a farm in Utah and grew up with his many brothers and sisters,
including Don Bluth. Mr. Bluth is, perhaps, best known as the Art Director
for the widely acclaimed Disney film, "The Tigger Movie". In addition, he
has directed "Babes in Toyland" for MGM and "The Santa Claus Story" for

Mr. Bluth has also directed Dramalog Award-winning productions of "Peter
Pan" and "Babes in Toyland" for the stage among 120 other productions. He
has published nine children's books which he wrote and illustrated
featuring many anthropomorphic characters. He and brother Don ran their
own musical comedy theater in Culver City. And at the Santa Monica firm
known as Duck Soup, he writes, produces, and directs animated television

Further Confusion is incredibly lucky to have Mr. Bluth as a Guest of
Honor for our Fifth Anniversary convention. His skills and experience
cover such a wide range of facets of interest to folks in our small fandom
that its difficult to know where to start in asking him questions.

3. Badge Art Call for Submissions

Further Confusion is currently seeking artwork submissions for the 2003
membership badge inserts.

Both color and black&white artwork will be accepted, and all artwork will
be considered on overall 'look and feel', plus these additional points:

Size: Art must scale to be printed at 4" x 2".
Theme: Art must accurately reflect the theme of the con.
Age appropriateness: The art must be suitable for viewing by children.

Artists submitting images should be aware that there is no payment for
badge art chosen, and the artist gives Further Confusion the right to
reproduce the image as badge art for FC2003. The artist will be credited
on the insert and in the con program book. The artist retains all other
copyrights and reproduction rights beyond the above.

Submission deadline is November 1, 2002. All qualifying submissions will
be seriously considered and we will choose up to 6 designs. All artists
will be notified by December 1 as to whether or not their submissions have
been chosen.

Submission technical specs: We prefer JPEG format at best possible
quality compression, at 300 DPI. An 8" by 4" original scanned at 300DPI
gives us a good file to work with. In the email specify how you wish to
be credited should your art be chosen. Submissions should be sent to

4. Initial Pre registration Price Increase

Time is flying! On September 16, 2003 the price for pre-registration for
FC2003 increases to $40. Just think how much you will regret not being
able to win that special piece that you wanted in the art show... all
because you delayed and had to spend that $5 on registration instead. Our
online registration system is up and running and just waiting to save you
time, long lines, and money. So register now!

5. ConJose, the World Science Fiction Convention Activities

ConJose is right around the corner (August 29-Sep 2). FC will have a table
in the fan table section with a special sale price on its memberships as
well as current year t-shirts and videotapes available. We are also
sponsoring a Room Party in the Fairmont Hilton, Saturday night, August 31,
2003 starting at 8 pm. Finally, we've put together a special
anthropomorphic showcase in the ConJose Artshow to showcase some of the
very best talent our fandom has to offer.

6. Hotel Information

Rooms are filling up fast. If you need a double bed room, are coming in
early or staying late, don't delay as we will fill our room block on those
nights first. It costs you nothing to make your reservation. For
reservations, call the Doubletree reservation center at 1-800-222-TREE and
request the group rate for FURCON at the San Jose Doubletree. Also, we are
down to our final three suites. If you are interested in one, please email
our Hotel Liaison at

7. FC Forums are go!

Our ever popular forums are available for your use at this time. Check
them out by following the link right form the front web page or directly
at the following URL:

Keep an eye here for all the most recent news and newsletters and let us
know what you think!

8. Events News:

We also have two new exciting tracks for you. The first ever Video Game
track dedicated to all you Video Game players. Plus we have the new
Spirituality Track which is planning some rather interesting panels.

If you are interested in running a panel of ANY kind, please drop a line
to and we'll make sure we take care of you.

Further Confusion


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Retro Suits?

What is a "Retro Suit?"

Do they involve Retro-Rockets?

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The idea is still percolating but basically think or a showing/photoshoot of fursuits built and shown before 1999 (The first year that there was an FC) Its still tentative as we try to ifnd out if enough folks that have been doing the costuming thing a long time are interested enough.

There were almost a decade worth of suits being made before fursuiting got the exposure (both good and bad) that it has today at cons. We thought it might eb neat to see soem fo them if they still exist.

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