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End Of Summer 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

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Searching For Ideas For New Features
Site Advertising
XML Interface Available
Updates Reminder
System Down Time NotificationSearching For Ideas For New Features

We're always looking for good ideas. So if you can think of something
that you'd like to see on FurEauction, just let us know. If it's good
(and we can do it) ;) we'll use it!

Site Advertising

We're constantly looking for ways to get FurEauction out in the
public eye (just look at the con book from the latest Anthrocon).
If you'd like to link to us on your website, just go to: for some handy link graphics.
If you have any other ideas to help us advertise, send us a note and
let us know!

XML Interface Available

For those programmers and web site manager FurEauction can provide
auction information in XML format. If you are interested in being able
to access and process FurEauction's xml information please contact

Updates Reminder

FurEauction is always updating and improving. You can always see what
is happening to the site here:

In addition to upgrading the thumbnailing engine, we've just added a new
feature that allows sellers to accept the current high bid and close an
auction now.

System Down Time Notification

FurEauction is having some minor issue that has been effecting the web
site performance and stability. We are hoping to take down the machine
that runs FurEauction down September 16, 2002. If we are allowed to
make the change Monday morning we are hoping this will be minor down time
in about 30 minutes and we expect the site will have no further down time

Unlike sites and services that are run out of garages and/or bedrooms,
we run our site at an isp. While we gain many benefits; like 24/7
monitoring, full ups, and a fast connection to the internet's backbone,
we have to schedule any maintenance with the ISP during normal business
hours otherwise we are charged extra money. These business hours do
coincide with our working hours, so we may not be able to make the
change Monday as we plan.

Even if the change can not be made Monday morning there is expected
to be no serious problems with the hardware at this moment.

We ask that all buyers respect any seller that has been affected by
this if the seller chooses to back out of an auction based on site

For more information about this and any future downtime please feel
free to check out

Wrap Up
Well that's it, we hope that you will continue to use the service.

Please feel free to contact FurEauction for any questions or answers.


FurEauction Admins
For The Fandom - By The Fandom


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