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FurEauction March Update

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FurEauction - For The Fandom By The Fandom


Some great things happened during this month with FurEauction!

While the lead designer went on vacation in Mexico, last Friday FurEauction
had a major hardware upgrade. The site has a CPU upgrade of nearly 3 times
the power, a memory upgrade from 508 megabytes (Yes that's correct) to 1
gigabyte, the main Operating System has been upgrade to enterprise LINUX,
everything FurEauction uses has been upgraded to the highest most secure
version of the software and the hard drive space has doubled. This part of a
multi phase expansion of the hardware and underpinning software to keep the
whole system running at commercial grade levels. At this time we would like
to thank Techwolf for providing the time, money, and effort for the upgrade,
this has return the hardware/software back to 100% stable platform for
FurEauction to run on.

There also has been some minor updates to the FurEauction site itself during
the last month, but most of the time has been working and dealing with the
new upgrades. Most of these updates were based on feedback from the users.

As Always you can check for updates on FurEauction at which will list all the updates
on the site no matter if it's good or bad. Nothing is hidden from our users.

As we always state - we take user feedback and comments seriously. Most user
comments for new features and changed are responded and/or implemented in
less than 24 hours. We believe that this system is not JUST for us.

It's for the furry community and by the furry community. And the vision of
the backers behind the project will continue that goal.

So with those words, you see our future is plain and simple.

To keep making the best site possible.

So please provide feedback, comments, and responses to keep this site

Thank you for reading and keep on bidding!

The FurEauction Admins


FurEauction - For The Fandom By The Fandom


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I dunno, but is this really news, or just an ad?

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Well, offline newspapers have ads.....but you'd think a site like this would be immune from the plague of advertising.

A pox on thee, pop-up window! May thou never again tarnish the pristine beauty of my sacred monitor! Begone, foul pop-ups! Those who spawned thee were never meant to wield the text editor!

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Accept no questionable Substitutes!

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It sounds like a press release meant to promote themselves at the expense of getting real content out to the public. Sometimes you make your own news. It somehow doesn't see appropriate for inclusion here on Flayrah though.

My ROOMIES online web comic is updated three times a week. I guess I *could* send out a release for every comic....

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