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FurEauction August Update

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Hello - The administrators at FurEauction feel it might be a good time to send a quick message about some recent issues at FurEauction and other happenings with FurEauction.

FurEauction/Rog Minotaur Anthrocon 2003 Contest

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FurEauction, in association with Rog Minotaur, wants to know which of Rog Minotaur's pictures in the Art Show is your favorite! In fact, we're SO interested that we're giving away a BRAND NEW PALM ZIRE to find out!

Want a chance to win? It's easy! It's FREE! It's a $100.00 value!!!

Just visit Anthrocon's Art Show, view Rog Minotaur's art in the art show, then stop by Rog Minotaur's Table and fill out an entry form! (one entry per person)

All entries must be received by 4:00 pm Saturday, June 19, 2003. The drawing will occur at 4:30 pm Saturday. The winner must pick up the prize before the Dealer's Room closes on Sunday evening.

For those that's coming hope to see you at Anthrocon 2003.

FurEauction - Celebrating 2 Years Of Online Service!

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FurEauction is now over 2 years old in celebration we wrote up this newletter.

End Of Summer 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

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Searching For Ideas For New Features
Site Advertising
XML Interface Available
Updates Reminder
System Down Time Notification

FurEauction March Update

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FurEauction - For The Fandom By The Fandom


Some great things happened during this month with FurEauction!

February 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

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February 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

Hello again, another month and another news letter.

Already a con has past since the last newsletter and talking to users
of the site reminded me of something. Each user described and talked
how they used the site in ways I never even dreamed of. They took a
site designed by a few fans and changed it to be there site. Making it
work their way. From changing the front page to working on integrating
it with their own site. Each user seem to have a special way of using
the site preferences to make it their site.

In the future FurEauction is still committed to continue to expand and
change to help users fulfill their needs. And we will continue to
expand and grow to meet those needs.

FurEauction Annoucement Newsletter For January 2002

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Welcome to FurEauction January newsletter!

FurEuaction December 2001 Annoucement And NewsLetter

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FurEauction Newsletter for December 2001

Novemeber FurEauction newsletter

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When we first started this site we wanted to make the best for the
fandom by the fandom. And we feel we have done it. It has met with
all our expectations but we are still not willing to sit around on our
paws. We want to build a version 3.0 of this site that will be even
better! So we need to ask for you help as asking you as sellers,
buyers, and members of the fandom to provide feedback on what you want
to see FurEauction be like in the future. So contact us at with details, ideas, and general comments.
We will take any opinion and request seriously.

FurEauction Website - Newsletter and more

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No FurEauction is not shutting down, no FurEauction is not asking for money. But we have added some new features to the ever growing feature set of FurEauction.

The interesting thing to note is that FurEauction now not only support listing your auctions on your web page but now it works with the ever popular FurSearch!

So here is the new FurEauction news letter and feel free to check the site out at

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