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FurEauction Website - Newsletter and more

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No FurEauction is not shutting down, no FurEauction is not asking for money. But we have added some new features to the ever growing feature set of FurEauction.

The interesting thing to note is that FurEauction now not only support listing your auctions on your web page but now it works with the ever popular FurSearch!

So here is the new FurEauction news letter and feel free to check the site out at

Wanted Graphic Artist And Help/Documentation Writer
Major Site Changes
FurEauction auctions are now on FurSearch (A FurEauction EXCLUSIVE)
Reverse Auctions
User name restriction lifted(So username like '2' are now possible)
SSL security is now available!
Category Listing Only Front Page - new way to view FurEauction
Quick Standard Auctions are available
Request for more ideas and partnerships

Welcome to another FurEauction Announcement Newsletter. It's been a
while since the last message was sent out (well at least in canine
years) so there has been lots of development and improvements to
FurEauction that make it better than the competition.

Some of these improvements are very exciting and as always not all of
them are listed. Just way too many to list.

We would like to also remind people that FurEauction staff have no
plans in the next year to take down this site. This is a site for
the fandoms out there and we will do our best to make sure this
site is up 24/7.

As always this announcement hits the iceberg of what changes were done.
Feel free to check the site for more information.

Wanted Graphic Artist And Help/Documentation Writer

FurEauction is looking for a top notice graphic artist to produce some
stunning new art for FurEauction. Willing to pay, please feel free to

We are also looking for a documentation/email message rewriter/help
proof reader. If you are interested in this position please feel free
to contact

FurEauction auctions are now on FurSearch (A FurEauction EXCLUSIVE)

FurEauction admins believe that some of the best way to see an auction
is not just on an auction site but on other sites or your own site.
FurEauction use of Mini 'embedded' auction site was the first example of
that principle (An example of that being used is on Rog Minotaur's site
at ).

Now to push that idea further FurEauction has worked an exclusive
partnership with the FurSearch people. So when you create a public
auction on FurEauction not only is it on FurEauction site but in less
than 24 hours it will appear in FurSearch where thousands more people
can potentially hit the next big auction. Another way FurEauction will
help you advertise your auctions.

Reverse Auctions

FurEauction now supports reverse auctions. This is when the person
places a desire to buy something, ask for a commission, etc on the
auction block and places what the maximum they would pay. And the
bidders will bid the price down. This is great when trying to buy/find
prints or video games.

For Example Techwolf wants to buy Bloody Roar 3. He starts it at
50$. Bidder A will place $50 on it because he beat the game 80 times.
Bidder B then might have the item too and puts a $45 bid. Bidder A
then outbids B with $40. And so on until the auction is over.

As you can tell it works just like a standard auction except going
down. So if there is something you want to buy, try this feature today!

User name restriction Lifted (So username like 2 are possible)

FurEauction now does not have a minimum amount of letters for a
username. So username like 2 and so are available to be chosen.

SSL security is now available!

FurEauction will now work with SSL security of your browser. By
selecting secure or entering the site through you can have a totally encrypted access to
FurEauction. No worries about people snooping your password and other
information. It's all secure. Please note: Our SSL certificate
provider is FREESSL ( At this moment they haven't
given us our full certificate yet so you might be warned that the
certificate is invalid. The official certificate should be coming any
day now. Even with the certificate some browsers may report that It's
an unknown signer. Don't worry just enter the site. It's still secure
as long as you have the closed lock on your screen.

Category Listing Only Front Page - new way to view FurEauction

For those people who just want to browse the site without downloading
lots of thumbnails or are using a modem will love this new feature.
FurEauction has a two different front pages. One is the classic
FurEauction interface (which is TOTALLY changeable in your preferences
if you log in). Or a simple interface that just list the categories
that have active auctions. This was made to reduce the download time
for users and provide a clean simple interface for others. No matter
what you choose you can switch back and forth easily or if you log in
you can set which interface you prefer. Just another choice from

Quick Standard Auctions are available

FurEauction is full of features and abilities. Now we know that is
not always a good thing especially if It's your first time you are
making an auction. Enter: Quick Standard Auctions. This link is on
the sell page will provide a simplified auction interface for creating
standard auctions. Just fill in the few fields and you are done. Much
quicker than going through the full interface and still get the powerful
FurEauction behind it.

Request for more ideas and partnerships.

As always FurEauction is looking to improve itself. We consider this
to be the best auction site for fandoms on the web and we continue to
improve it. We are always willing to listen to new ideas and new concepts.
If it's a great idea, we will get it implemented in days or weeks, not
months or years. So if you have any ideas try the forums at or contact

We are also looking for partnership to not only help grow our user base
but also help others grow their site. We are also willing to do
'the extra' mile. And are willing to go the extra mile from new site
start page just for users of your site to complete exclusive features!
We are here for our partners and you. So if you have a great partnership
idea feel free to contact today!


Well, We could talk more about the changes and new additions but we
figure you didn't want a 30 page report in your mail box.

We just like to say that site is the most unique and power site in the
fandom and in some ways rival the power of the major auction sites. We
continue to hope to add features to make people love this site. It's a
labor of love for our fandoms and we hope to continue It's build up in
features and use.

We are committed to help people use this site. So if you have any
problems or questions feel free to contact

The FurEauction admins would like to thank all our users who use the
system! We are very grateful and happy how well the system is
working for users and hope that in the future we can continue making
this the best system out there.

Thank you and good luck in your travels

FurEauction Admins:


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