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FurEauction August Update

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Hello - The administrators at FurEauction feel it might be a good time to send a quick message about some recent issues at FurEauction and other happenings with FurEauction.

----- Issues -----

Recently we have notice that we have been getting a rash of bounced emails caused by email boxes too full, non-existent email boxes, or rejecting of email from FurEauction. FurEauction requires a working email address for auctions. If a large number of Emails are bounced from an account we will be forced to deactivate the account, until you can re-verify the Email account is active. If that happens to you please follow the on-screen instructions when you try to log in.

FurEauction has over 8 different type of ways to sell an item. Please verify that the auction that you selected DO fit the type of item. We have complete descriptions of these auctions on the site but we would like to point out one type in particular. A lot of confusion happens with the Dutch auctions - this type of auction is not an "instant sell" option.

For example:

You sell all the items at the lowest bid of all the winning bids after the auction is over. So if you have 3 items starting at $8. After bidding ends between 8 people. The final winning bids may be $20, $25, $25. The final 3 winners pay $20 for the item the other five do not get the item (no matter when they bid).

As always if there is any questions about the auction please use the contact page on FurEauction main site and ask for help.

----- Other Happenings -----

We are always looking for your comments, new ideas, and feedback about FurEauction. We are always looking at ways to improve the site experience and your feedback counts! Feel free to email or place a comment for with your comments the site will grow!

Are you a writer, someone that would not mind writing up help files or just clean up the English around the site? Please contact us so we can improve our ability.

Last, FurEauction recently has a new ad (created by the amazing artist Kangaroo Boy) in Werepuppy and Trejaan's Rocketship Rodents #1. If you buy the comic check out the ad, we hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your time reading this message
Administrators at FurEauction -
FurEauction at

FurEauction is a auction site for furry fandom we don't try to make prints, sell hosting, or anything else. We just do auctions and we are proud of it.

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