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FurEauction Annoucement Newsletter For January 2002

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Welcome to FurEauction January newsletter!

Click below to read the full newsletter from the FurEauction crew.

Table Of Contents of FurEauction January 2002


Down Time For Preventive Maintenance

It's all about logging in

Major New Features

  • Auction Notification System
  • Turbo Search Systems - part of FurEauction optimization process
  • View ALL Your GuestBook Entries At A Glance
  • And Much More

Kurst at Further Confusion

A Case Study - Fur And Fury Print by WerePuppy on FurEauction

Future Ideas and Closing Comments

Introduction -

Hello, Back again. The last month has been a strange and
exciting month. FurEauction is becoming even better and the people
who run FurEauction are even more proud of their work. So on with
the newsletter

Down Time On For Preventive Maintenance

FurEauction on Friday January 18, 2002 will have a brief downtime
during the afternoon for preventive maintenance with the current
hardware. While this should only take a few minutes if there is any
problems or issues that do arise preventing the site to come up in
less than a half hour. Any auction will be extended the amount of
time the site is down. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause
but we will try to keep the impact to a minimum. If this will cause any
issues please feel free to email

It's all about logging in

FurEauction doesn't shine until you log into the system. From
the custom home page to it's custom watch system. You won't experience

the system full power unless you are logged in. Why not keep yourself
logged in today!

Major New Features

Auction Notification System - FurEauction has the most sophisticated
fandom auction notification system. Have a seller you like to
notified when they have new auctions? Only interested in auctions
based around wolves? FurEauction can be set up to send email to you
when new auctions that YOU are interested in. With this system you
won't miss an item that is placed on the system! No suprises, no
missed items!

Another unique tested feature on FurEauction! If you aren't
using it already check out
for more details on how to setup and use this incredible feature!

Turbo Search Systems - part of FurEauction optimization process -
The staff of FurEauction have been making sure the software will scale
up so in the future it will be able to handle a high load without
any noticeable slow down. Using that philosophy FurEauction search
system has been rewritten from scratch so not is it faster but
even have more features. Another speedy, worry free option!

View ALL Your GuestBook Entries At A Glance - Now FurEauction has a
quick and simple place where you can see all your GuestBook entries at
a glance. On the user menu when you are logged in you can just click
on the link "List All Your GuestBook Entries" for all your entries.
No hunting through auctions looking for your GuestBook it's all in one
convenient stop.

And of course much more new items and features are being added every
day from new features for the user and administrator to optimization
of the code.

Last month worth of changes were centered on making FurEauction
the most robust, dependable, and fastest system available for any
fandom. With the latest enhancements the admins of FurEauction
agree this is that system..

For more information on most changes (or at least the ones that are
remembered to be document) click on the "Update News" link on
FurEauction's main page

Kurst at Further Confusion

For those that don't know, FurEauction's lead coder Kurst will be at
Further Confusion 2002. Even though this is a vacation he is willing
to answer any questions and take suggestions for FurEauction.
For more information about Further Confusion please go to

A Case Study - Fur And Fury Print by WerePuppy on FurEauction

Last month a message was sent out on WerePuppy's list about
how he is selling a print on FurEauction. What follows is that message.

For those of you who don't know(or need a reminder) WerePuppy has a
awesome print for Fur And Fury located at being sold by Trejaan for
WerePuppy as an Instant Buy of $10. It's an action filled 11x19
poster of your two favorite characters from Fur And Fury! The wolf
is to die for! If you haven't looked at it you must! You got to
have one up in your office. It gets GREAT comments I have already
been asked if it's an upcoming movie :)

But why is this item on FurEauction? Let me explain.

If you didn't know FurEauction handles multiple ways of selling art and
other items. From Standard auction, Proxy, Proxy +(Proxy auction with
more than one item), Reverse Auction, Instant Buy and even Requests for
items there are plenty of items out there. Lets look at Instant Buy.

Instant Buy is the ability to sell any quantity of item for whatever
price you want. As in this case WerePuppy is selling the poster for 10$
and with 3$ for shipping and he has 20 of them. The item will stay up
there for as long as you want and will keep track of how many you sell.
You can even use it to keep track if you receive payment for the item(s)
sold and where it is in the "shipping" process.

This is just one of the many features of FurEauction and there is MUCH
much more.

FurEauction built from the ground up from the comments and reactions of
both artists and sellers. It's made to work the way they want it not
the programmer. It's made to be expandable, scalable, fast, reliable.
And best yet it's an ever expanding project, responding to sellers and
buyers wants and needs. So it is always adding new features that
sellers and buyers want in a timely fashion. NO waiting! That's the
FurEauction technology advantage and that's why WerePuppy and Rog
Minotaur use it.

So any questions feel free to ask.

Future Ideas and Closing Comments

For the future we have some great new ideas coming out and we hope
that you will pipe in with changes and new ideas yourself.

We strive to be the best and fastest site the fandom could ever
provide. I hope you agree with this service is that good. And if it's
not please tell us! We will make it better.

We are here for the sellers and buyers and we promise a high level
of support for all users. From fielding questions about using the site
to designing and creating new features based on user requests we are
here for you!

So just remember that and thanks for reading and hope you find our
site a great place to be and use!

Pass the word around and make it the top of your bookmark list!

FurEauction Main Admins - Hardware and System Maintainer - Lead Coder, Database Administrator and System

URL as always -


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