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FurEuaction December 2001 Annoucement And NewsLetter

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FurEauction Newsletter for December 2001

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Table Of Contents of FurEauction Newsletter for December 2001

  • Introduction
  • FurEauction staff will NOT ASK for Donation - Nor will they accept paid
    Advertising - More On this site policy
  • Major New Features

    • Post Sale Tracking
    • PayPal Support
    • Complex Editing of Live Auction
    • Shipping Cost Field
    • Abort Auction
    • Live changes of quantity on Instant Buys
    • And Much More

  • Performance improvements and our t3 to the net
  • Future Ideas


Hello, tis the season and FurEauction is going to leave some gifts
to the fandom. More updates making this even more robust. Our goal is
to have the most full feature auction site in ANY fandom. I think we
are way past that goal but doesn't mean that we should stop as you will
see we have great things happening to make sure this is the best site
for sellers and buyers!

So if you haven't checked it out. Boy, you are missing something.
If you are using it thanks :) and keep on coming back. And please, feel
free to contact us about any changes you want!

Now on with the newsletter

FurEauction staff will NOT ASK for Donation - Nor will they accept paid
Advertising - More On this site policy

FurEauction has a no donation and no advertising site policy. You
see this is a free auction site. The admins have agreed to pay for all
costs from coding to hardware. We do NOT ask for money nor do we have
paid advertising on site. This is our gift to the fandom. And we
rather pay for it than ask for money. Don't expect this policy to
change any time. We are a free site and will REMAIN a free site.
And we won't sell our buyers and bidders out. Or use your bandwidth to
provide banner ads that someone else paid for to your machine. Why have
someone else site showing ads on a site where you are trying to sell
stuff not have stuff sold to you that you don't care about. So no
hidden fees or no hidden risks using this site! Just another thing
we like to provide to the furry community.

Major New Features

A site is dead if it's not improved and FurEauction to be the most
liveliest site out there. Look at some of the major features that were
added in the last two to three weeks.

  • Post Sale Tracking System - A great way for sellers and buyers to track
    an item after it is bought. Post Sale Track system gives the buyer and
    seller to leave comment and information on payment, shipping, and
    receiving of their items that is stored right on the closed item that is
    bought. Easy and convent when a person enters information into the Post
    Sale Tracking system an email is sent out the other party. Even if they
    lose the email they can easily go back to the site and see the changes.
    Great for keeping track of payments, tracking id, and other activities
    involved in sales. Also a system to sort where items are in this
    tracking system is provided. So you can see what has been paid for
    and not been sent! What can be done with this system is almost
    limitless try it today.

  • PayPal Support - PayPal is now supported with FurEauction. Less
    trouble when the sale is over to get money quicker to the seller and
    easier for the buyer to make sure the money gets to the right person :)
    Use of PayPal IS optional and is very easy to configure off or on! Try
    it today!

  • Complex Editing of Live Auction - People might of notice this has been
    absent for a while. We didn't want to do this feature until we know
    it's done right. So here it is - Complex editing of live auction. As
    long as there is no bids on an auction you can edit a live auction. I
    am VERY pleased with how well this is done and hope that you will enjoy
    this new feature!

  • Shipping Cost Field - Shipping cost is now a field on the site. Feel
    free to just enter your shipping cost if it's a flat fee or leave it
    blank if you have none. Even better when filled out it will be used
    with PayPal to make selling easier!

  • Abort Auction - A crisis happen, the item is destroyed. Need to kill
    the auction even with bidders winning an auction, now you can. This
    option has been added for sellers so they can abort an auction without
    talking with the admin, and waiting for him to respond. When pressed
    the seller NEEDS to enter a description why they are doing it and with
    that information a mail message is sent to buyers AND the FurEauction
    admin. This will effectively inform parties and help keep track of any
    abuses. This should be used for emergency cases and abuse WILL NOT be

  • Live changes of quantity on Instant Buys - You might have an "Instant
    Buy" running and you find out "hey I have two more or less than I
    thought" Instead of canceling the auction why not change the quantity
    fast and simply. Just use the change quantity features of instant buy
    and you are ready to go!

  • And of course much more new items and features are being added ever
    day. All changes on the site are listed on the site as we want you to
    know what we are dealing with!

Performance improvements and our t3

Now that features are becoming less and less needed the FurEauction
staff is pushing to make the site even faster than any commercial

On the network connectivity we are on a T3 and multiple T1 so our
speed to the net can't get any faster than that. No waits here :)

Hardware wise right now the machine is about a good Internet class
small scale server. For any action this machine is as fast as
FurEauction needs and has been tested up to 100,000 hits per hour to
keep optimal performance. In the near future we are going to move
FurEauction to a screaming fast server that would run EverQuest: Shadows
of Lucin faster than you can react and have enough hard drive space to
make a tech head mouth water ;) More details of this coming out in
the following weeks.

Software - All the hardware and t3 bandwidth means nothing if you
don't have a fast software package, programmed from the ground up for
supporting fandom auctions and sales. And we have it. But still
coding team is looking at making this even faster and still provide more
services than other packages could dream about. We already made great
strives to make it faster and plan to focus attention to doing even
more optimization at the database level to provide the fastest web
site possible!

Future Ideas

For the future we have some great new ideas coming out and we hope
that you will pipe in with changes and new ideas yourself.

We strive to be the best and fastest site the fandom could ever
provide. I hope you agree with this service is that good. And if it's
not please tell us! We will make it better.

We are here for the sellers and buyers and we promise a high level
of support for all users. From fielding questions about using the site
to designing and creating new features based on user requests we are
here for you!

So just remember that and thanks for reading and hope you find our
site a great place to be and use!

And oh! Almost forgot to say have a great holiday season!

FurEauction Admin - Hardware and System Maintainer - Lead Coder, Database Administrator and System

URL as always -


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