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FurEauction - Celebrating 2 Years Of Online Service!

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FurEauction is now over 2 years old in celebration we wrote up this newletter. Contents
1) Happy Birthday FurEauction
2) Updates
3) ATT Broadband to Comcast E-Mail Addresses
4) Your Comments, Questions, And Feedback Are Appreciated

Happy Birthday FurEauction!

FurEauction has now been on the internet for 2 years. The admins would like to thank the users for their support and hope for continual support in the future. In the future we all agree to continue to do our best to provide the best service we can provide to the fandom and continue to provide this service as long as we can.

Over the past two years we have continued to update the site following feedback from our users. By doing this, it is our hope that FurEauction will continue to evolve and become even better.

Recently we just added the ability to do a search in a simple url

Example: to find all active auctions with the word wolf in it.

Also for our sellers we added quick urls to go directly to your selling listing page or your profile page.

FurEauction has also made the simplified auction page available as the default sell page. Experienced auction users or users who need to do different type of auction and sales can still access the advance features of FurEauction through the Advance Sell page.

And more features and changes have happen to the site than this. There is an update log that tells everything located on the site. Which can always be found at Check it out for lastest details about the site.

ATT Broadband to Comcast
If you have ATT Broadband email address (ending with on FurEauction you need to update your profile and change your email address to your new Comcast email addresses. Thank you!

Your Comments, Questions, And Feedback Are Appreciated
FurEauction is built on comments and feedback of the user. Please feel free to tell us what you think; good or bad. We will listen and it will effect how the site is operated and built.

If you need help from putting up an auction or integrating FurEauction into your site please feel free to ask. We are here to help!

Thank you for reading this and thank you again for your continuing support!

FurEauction Admins
For The Fandom - By The Fandom


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