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February 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

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February 2002 FurEauction Newsletter

Hello again, another month and another news letter.

Already a con has past since the last newsletter and talking to users
of the site reminded me of something. Each user described and talked
how they used the site in ways I never even dreamed of. They took a
site designed by a few fans and changed it to be there site. Making it
work their way. From changing the front page to working on integrating
it with their own site. Each user seem to have a special way of using
the site preferences to make it their site.

In the future FurEauction is still committed to continue to expand and
change to help users fulfill their needs. And we will continue to
expand and grow to meet those needs.

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FurEauction - Created, Supported, And Run For The Fandom By The Fandom

  1. Intro - FurEauction - It's Your Site
  2. Updates and changes
    • Behavior change - Users can bid against their winning bids on standard auctions
    • ICQ overbidding notifications working again
    • Quick Instant Buy Form
    • More Features For Thumbnails - A FurEauction Original Got Even Better
    • New Interface - Beta Frame Interface is Available For You to use today!
    • And Much Much More

  3. Reminder about using images from another site
  4. Technical Writer Wanted
  5. FurEauction New Logo And Graphics
  6. Closing - Looking for more ideas and suggestions

Intro - FurEauction - It's Your Site

[This section appears before the table of contents. --Ed.]

Update and Changes

As Always check out FurEauction's site to see all the updates that
happen to the site. But here is some highlights.

Behavior Change -

Users can now bid against their winning bids on standard
auctions. Not a hard change but something that most
auctions sites on the internet don't allow because of
various potential legal issues. After researching the
administrators of FurEauction decided to implement this on
the site. Please use it with care.

ICQ overbidding notifications working again -

FurEauction has provided since the beginning ICQ
notification for overbids. Over the last few months ICQ
have been "buckling" down and preventing our site from
continuing this service. Over the last few weeks I spent
some time and made this work again. I hope people enjoy
this great unique feature.

Quick Instant Buy Form -

Another improvement. Just like the Quick Instant Standard
Auction Form you can use the Quick Instant Buy Form to
effortlessly create a new Instant Buy item sale in 10
simple form entries. Less fuss, but still all the power of
FurEauction. Try it today!

More Features For Thumbnails - The FurEauction Original Got Even

The FurEauction original just got even better. More ways
to view thumbnails have been provided. Every listing has
the ability to show thumbnails. But since this is YOUR
site you can choose if you want quick text listings,
thumbnails, or a little bit of both. Again this is your
site. Just set your user preferences and you are ready to

New Interface - Beta Frame Interface is Available For You to use today!

The people at FurEauction do try to work and make a better
site for all the users. From looking at performance to
making changes to the interface the developers are
constantly looking at expanding and making the total user
experience a better situation. Recently through
experimentation the developers came upon an interesting way
to display/show items. Using JavaScript and DHTM,
FurEauction can create a unique experience that no other
site has - the FurEauction Beta Experimental Frame

The administrators, developers, and testers of FurEauction
do not agree that is the best interface for FurEauction.
But since the interface is so useful and show so much
promise. That the interface has been released to the public
to look and use it every day. While we are accepting
comments and support questions - we have to remind you it's
a beta and may change or be eliminated at any time. But we
hope to hear from you about it!

For a quick introduction about the interface -

Or to just try it at -

So try it? And if you like it you can set your preferences
to have it as your default interface!

And Much Much More -

FurEauction has even more additions than I listed here.
From new administrative tools, to code changes everyone who
is working on FurEauction are striving to make it the best
user experience possible. That's why it’s always improving
and always getting better!.

Reminder about using images from another site -

Just a reminder - If you are linking images off another
site to build items on FurEAuction. The FurEauction staff
can not guarantee that the buyers will see your images or
thumbnails when browse. It is HIGHLY recommended that you
upload images into FurEauction. That will provide you with
the better chance of selling your items!

Technical Writer Wanted -

People who want to take a hand of re-writing the text of
FurEauction in their own image now is your chance.
FurEauction staff is looking for a text writer. While
having skills in programming and/or html would be preferred
we will take note of anyone that is willing to tackle this
project. Please send email to for
more details on this offer.

FurEauction New Logo And Graphics -

The plans for putting new logo and graphics on FurEauction
are still in the works. While many graphics that artists
have created for FurEauction were great ideas, when they
were tested on the site they did not work well with the
image and feel that the site was provided.

So if you have any new ideas or graphics for FurEauction by
all means please feel free to email to contact Techwolf who is
handling creation and design of the new graphics for

Closing - Looking for more ideas and suggestions

In closing FurEauction staff is always looking for new ideas and
suggestions to make this the best site that it can be. We respect and
respond to any feedback and we make changes to FurEauction very
quickly based on those feedback. A lot of times new ideas are in
FurEauction less than a day! It’s what we strive to do. To do the
best experience that can be provided.

Thanks for reading this newsletter and happy bidding

FurEauction Staff


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