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Dog fight Nike ad upsets dog owners, law alike

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It's so quick, you might blink and miss it. As part of a plethora of 'fight' images for a new commercial for Nike, called "The Battle", mixes up the imagry of youth aggression, sports players, and two fighting dogs.
The Rottie snaps, the pitbull lunges, jaws gape and snap, and it's over. But that's too much, says a variety of groups ranging from dog groups, rottie and pit bull breed rescues to dogfight investigators. "What they're showing is classic street fighting."noted an investigator, agast."...We were going for an edgier, racier ad." says a Nike spokeswomen, but dog groups say that sort of image makes the wrong people want to own 'mean' breeds, and makes the right sort of owner afraid of them. "With this three-second clip, they just told millions of people it's OK to fight dogs, and . . . wear our Nikes while you do it."
Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states.


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I am requesting that you pull the ad immediately! Dogs are not meant to fight and it is illegal in 50 states.

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Please remove this advertisemment! I purchase Nike products often, but will never again if this ad continues to run! What is the purpose in endorsing violence against animals? What were you thinking?

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Ads like this only serve to perpetuate the feelings that Pitbulls and Rotties are viscious. People are already loosing their homeowners insurance (or paying tremendous rates because they these dogs. Renters are turned away - nobody wants them around. And now Nike is perpetuating the stories! This is a disgrace - and illegal. I'd like Nike to know that I will NEVER purchase their products again.

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