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RCFM preparations are coming along well...

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Hey Y'all,

I and the Staff of Rocket City FurMeet have been working our tails off to see that all the Meet planning is being accomplished and needed preparations are being made. (I point to my 17 hours of typing yesterday to catch up on all the Meet communications as an example. {eep!} )

Anyway, due to calculations too complicated to explain quickly, we're pretty confident in the attendance prediction of 60-90 fursons for our very first year. I'm personally making a guess at a total of 75, but we'll see how close that guess is come Meet weekend! :> Besides having a panel with Guest of Honor Bill Holbrook, (and having him at a table in the Dealers' Den), we're also having a Panelist of Honor this year. Jeff Stringer is an expert costume designer and is holding a Panel demonstrating much of what he's learned in costume construction. (Here's a website with examples of some Planet of the Apes costumes Jeff has worked on: )

We're also fortunate in that the hotel isn't going to require us to buy catering services from them directly. What this means is that we're going to be supplying our own foodstuffs in the Hospitality suite, and we're planning to provide as much as we can afford. While this may not be breakfast, lunch and dinner for every single fur at the Meet, we're going to have a lot there. So stop in and see what's on the menu!

Also in the Azalea room (the Hospitality suite) is where we're going to have many of the scheduled events and some of the panels as well. While the schedule itself may experience some changes in the next two weeks, most of what we're planning for is up on the site and ready for you to paw through as you decide what you'd like do while at RCFM. ( )

Speaking personally now, as the Head Cat for RCFM, I get a very special and gratified feeling when I see all of you out there on the wild-world-web who are talking about how much you're looking forward to being in Huntsville on May 23rd, and also when I see how many have put links on their webpages to the RCFM website. We currently have 15 Staff members working hard to see that the Meet comes together and will be a great time for everyone there, but it's all of *you* who are giving us your support in this our very first year who are really making this Meet a reality. And I know I speak for all of the RCFM staff when I say THANK YOU. We only have to look at the support and enthusiasm coming from the entire furry realm to know that all of our hard work has really been worthwhile. :>

(14 days and counting! WooHoo!)


RCFM - Rocket City FurMeet
May 23-25, '03 - Huntsville, AL.
RCFM site:


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