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England Completes "Illegal" White Horse

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Despite a European Commission ruling making it illegal, England has completed a giant carving of a white horse on a Kentish hillside.

The project has met with criticism since work began, including claims that it will promote soil erosion and damage wildlife habitat. Both the Green Party and Friends of the Earth petitioned the EC to rule the horse as illegal, which they did early last month.

Owner of the land on which the horse is carved - Richard Beaugie - feels differently, saying: "They are bureaucrats and they do not really appreciate the strength of feeling in this country about our white horses."


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Kudos to Richard Beaugie for not knuckling under to the envirobullies.

And does anyone even listen to them anymore? Geez, give the deep green fanatics everything they want and they'd make it illegal for you to walk on grass.


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And people wonder why some of us think world government is a bad idea...

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