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FC 2001 Progress Report 4

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Further Confusion recently published their final progress report before the convention. The full text appears below.

FC News Post 4.0

This will be the last official progress report pre-con from us as we are heading into the final lockdown mode. There's only a few announcements this time so I will be relatively brief.


Pre-registration is now closed. And thank you to everyone. Our goal was to better our pre-registration from last year (412) but we had no idea we would break 600 paid pre-registrations prior to our cutoff. Thank you one and all.

Online Store T shirt art up

Our FC2001: a furry odyssey T-Shirt art is up. You can view it at our convention store from the website and we are even taking pre-orders prior to the con up until Jan 20. Black Shirt with wonderful white line art by Frank Gembeck in fluorescent, glow in the dark ink with the FC2001: a furry odyssey logo. Two styles are available, one with art on the back and the logo on the front and another with all of the art and logo on the front.

At con guide

On our website you will now find an At-Con Guide. There are a few more pieces to put up and there are always last minutes changes but you can find our Main Schedule Guide, Quick Reference Guide, List of Panels, Video Room Guide, Info Desk Packet, and Hotel Map there. We'll continue putting these documents up in as many formats as possible between now and the convention. BTW, if there are any Palm gurus out there who want to convert the Schedule into a Palm format, please give us a yell. We'd love your help.

Furly Edition 0

Speaking of last minute things, we will be accepting announcements for the Furly Edition 0 up until January 20. If you have an announcement you want, please email it to us at info@furtherconfusion.orgwith Furly Edition in the subject line. Furly Edition 0 will be handed out with the Registration Packages and will have the very latest info in it.

Thursday events

Just as a reminder, registration will open at 4 pm on Thursday January 25. After that the Furfleet Officers' Club, a combination Con Opening Ceremony, Dance, Cafe and Charity Casino will commence at 9 p.m. and run until at least midnight.

Hotel Status

We understand that the overflow hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn San Mateo is now also sold out. Any last minute guests should check our area hotel list on the hotel page on our web site.


While we won't know for sure until the 15th, at the moment it is possible the hotel will charge for parking. However, no attendee of Further Confusion will have to pay the fees. There will be a free validation machine in the lobby for your validating pleasure. Keep watching this space, and be sure to check Furly Edition #0 at the con for the final word on the subject.

That's it for now. See everyone in just under two weeks. We may have a sporadic posting between now and the convention but as you can guess, final preparations are under way and things are a wee bit busy around here.


The Staff of Further Confusion


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I hope your con goes well, guys. Can't make it out myself, this year...I'll be back next year, though. Hopefully. :)

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