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Texas Furry Con

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Pulled off of

*in big booming announcer voice *
This is an announcement of the very first Texas Furry Con.
Date: March 19-20, 2004
Location: Austin, TX
Place: Clarion Hotel
Fee: $20 for both days, $10 for Friday only, $15 for Saturday only

Want to reserve a table to sell your stuff?
Artist entry fee + table (one day) = $35
Artist entry fee + table (both days) = $45

This is a relatively cheap conference with rooms going at a mere $60-$70 per

There will be artists tables, fursuit competitions, auctions, clinics,
prizes, and even free goodies for all those who attend!

Special guests include: Fred Perry, John Barrett, and an artist for Dark
Horse comics
*end big booming announcer voice*

For more information visit:
Or visit the forums directly:


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Not to put a damper or anything on the festivities.. But I think I hear a shotgun being cocked in the distance... (No offense meant to Texans in general... The idea of a furry con in Texas however does seem... Dangerous to a new yorker like me)

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A furry con is one of the few places in Texas where a New Yorker such as yourself would be safe! :}

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Plus, it's in Austin, which is like so not the rest of Texas. :)

Kiran Lightpaw
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004!
"Per ardua ad astra."

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hey, uh why dont the websites work anymore?
I'm really wanting to go this year.

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